Tim Cook: Million donation for a good cause to unknown recipient

News and rumors: August 22, 2018, Jonny Random


Tim Cook – WWDC 2018 – Apple

Apple cook Tim Cook donates five million dollars for charity. However, it is still unknown who the recipient is. The gift is in the form of shares.

If you have a lot, then you have a lot to offer: according to this motto, chef Tim Cook lives and cooks time after time. This is recognizable when he makes large donations on the road, but is also up-to-date.

from a message under <span class = "Apple-converted-space "> To the extent that the necessary notifications have been obtained from the US Securities and Exchange Commission, Apple has provided a $ 5 million share package for a donation that serves a charitable purpose.

The package contains 23,215 shares. Apple continues to support organizations and institutions that are committed to the protection of human rights and the fight against discrimination against minorities around the world.

Cook wants to give everything in perspective

The donation has become even more valuable as a result of recent developments: recently, Apple broke the $ 1 trillion of magic. As a result, the share price had skyrocketed.

It will show how the stock market will respond to the new iPhones and other products expected in the fall.

Tim Cook had stated years ago that he would like to donate his entire assets in perspective.

When and to whom, he did not comment.

Cook currently has about $ 190 million in the form of just under a million Apple shares.

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