Twitch Prime future without ad-free streams in the Amazon Prime subscription

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Twitch has the freedom to choose subscriptions for Prime members. In a recent blog post the streaming service communicates the changes. The ad-free streaming is therefore no longer included with new members Twitch Prime from September 14th. Already registered users get a little more access to the advertising-free streams. The reason for the changes: the advertising is extremely important for the streamers. Other benefits such as monthly games, subscriptions for individual channels and loot have to remain. The advertising freedom can continue to buy via the turbo-subscription.

Twitch announces changes to Twitch Prime. In a recent blog post the streaming service reports that the freedom to advertise is no longer part of the paid Prime subscription. The changes are effective for new members from September 14th. Active members with a monthly subscription can view the streams until October 15, 2018 advertising free. If you have an active annual membership, you will receive advertising-free streams until the end of your subscription.

The changes are the result of a new evaluation of the service. As a reason, the Twitch managers say that the advertising is an important source of income for the streamers – and make the streamers Twitch possible. The streamer could be strengthened by the change. Other subscription benefits, including monthly games and other content, must remain. This includes the ability to complete monthly subscriptions for individual channels. If a channel offers adless streams, the channel will continue to do so.

With an extra Twitch Turbo subscription it is still possible to play all channels without advertising. The subscription offered independently by Twitch Prime costs $ 8.99 per month. Also on Amazon Prime changes are specifically planned for American gamers. From August 28, the discount of 20 percent on pre-orders for games will be canceled. On the American website, Amazon announced that there will be a $ 10 coupon on selected games instead. The discount coupon can be redeemed for & # 39; almost all & # 39; items that Amazon has in its range. German players have recently saved 2 euros on pre-orders. The bonus is currently no longer available. Twitch Prime is part of a deal with Amazon Prime. The monthly subscription costs € 7.99.

Source: Twitch Blog, Kotaku

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