Wear OS: Google introduces new quality controls for apps

There are rumors that Google will introduce a Pixel Smartwatch with the Pixel 3 (XL). For this watch alone, the new guidelines for the quality of Wear OS apps may have been introduced. See all information.

Improving the quality of Wear OS apps

Google has posted a message this week on the Android developer blog, which provides an overview of the new and future mandatory Wear OS operating system policies. With this one wants to reach a higher Qulaität of the Apps in the Play Store. For new apps, these basic criteria apply from October 1 this year. For existing apps, this policy is effective from March 4, 2019.

Adhering to Developer Guidelines Optional so far

Such quality guidelines have existed since Wear OS 2.0. However, the developers are free to develop the app according to these conditions. The app can still be published. I should not be like that in the future. The Verge assumes that the effort is made because of a possible pixel Smartwatch, of which Google is rumored to receive the Pixel 3 (XL). Another indication of what a pixel watch indicates is Google Coach. This will be the new virtual fitness coach from Google, who will draw up a training schedule, track training milestones and propose an alternative date when a workout is missed. Whether Google finally presents a Pixel Watch remains to be seen.

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