With a magic wand children have to learn how to program

The coding set from the manufacturer Kano is strongly focused on the magical world of Harry Potter. This is how you want to teach children how to program.

Kano, a developer of educational children's toys, has developed a Harry Potter-style magic wand that children can use to learn playful programming languages. For this purpose the child first builds the hardware of the magic wand and then starts a matching program, with which individual assignments are arranged in a row by dragging and dropping.

Programming as if it were magic

In addition to the graphical representation of the commands, the user can also switch to a mode in which the corresponding Javascript code can be seen. When the commands have been entered, the children can, for example, move objects on the screen of their tablet through movements of the magic wand.


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Pre-orders for the toys are possible on the website of the manufacturer for 99.99 euros, the delivery date is 1 October 2018 indicated. In general there are more than 70 different programming challenges and the system is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. Other sellers also have toys or video games that children can use to learn programming.

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