2: 0 – surprise team Wolfsberg could not surprise the LASK

2: 0? Surprise team Wolfsberg could not surprise the LASK

Peter Michorl (right) cheers for his free kick goal to 1: 0 – his shot fits in the Kreuzeck. Image: GEPA photo & # 39; s

2: 0 – surprise team Wolfsberg could not surprise the LASK

Pasching. Football Bundesliga: The Linzer continued their win and went into the third place in the international break. The LASK is one of the top teams for Wolfsberg coach Ilzer

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03. September 2018 – 00:04 hours

At least until yesterday, the Wolfsberg AC was considered the big surprise team of the Bundesliga. On Sunday, however, LASK was not surprised by Carinthia's 2-0 victory (1-0).

Since May, the black and white are unbeaten at home. At that time you just had to be beaten the Wolfsbergern. In the lively, varied game, the LASK hardly had any opportunities for the time being. So the first dangerous shot led to the goal to 1: 0: Peter Michorl gloriously glided the 25-meter free kick past the wall. WAC keeper Soldo could only watch the ball in the net.

A first blow of the neck for the Carinthians, followed by another. After the break, the teams had not returned from the passenger huts than it was already 2: 0. After wonderful preparatory work by João Victor, James Holland only had to put his foot. As a result, the LASK left no real chance with the guests, with Wolfsberg optically superior.

"Congratulations to my team"

After the last whistle you felt the relief at the LASK that you could bring the intense first phase of the season to the finish. "Congratulations to my team, that was really a great achievement," said LASK coach Oliver Glasner. It was no surprise that Wolfsberg was struggling yesterday. "I was expecting a tough fight against a well-organized opponent and that's exactly how it came about." A playful highlight was not the performance of his eleven. Glasner: "But we deserved to win – not necessarily because of the game, but we barely left our opponents, that was good." Wolfsberg coach Christian Ilzer looked like each other: "These were two typical LASK goals – a free kick and a quick counter attack – we did everything we could to finish the game, but we did not have the effectiveness for the goal this time. . " For him, the LASK, which as a third part of the international break in the international break, is one of the top five in the league. By the way, the Linzer will stay in training until Thursday. Then there are four free days – a deserved reward after the good start of the season.

James Hollands first goal in the 133rd league match was a goal with an announcement

James Holland after the goal for the LASK 2-0 victory against the WAC.

Image: GEPA photo & # 39; s

James Hollands first goal in the 133rd league match was a goal with an announcement

Is it a surprise when a player hits for the first time after scoring 132 league matches in the 133rd place? For the LASK and player James Holland it was not yesterday. The goal of the Australians to 2: 0 final against Wolfsberger AC was a goal with announcement. And that is mainly due to the way LASK plays.

"It was just a matter of time to meet him," said coach Oliver Glasner after the game. "James has developed with us, is always ahead of the game, and we have always put the focus in training on the fact that we are also throwing players from the backcourt into attacks, so they can come to a good end That's why James met Lilleström in the Europa League competition. "The Netherlands saw it the same way. "It certainly refers to the game system, which makes me much more offensive than in previous years, having never had as many opportunities in my career as I have ever had."

Nevertheless, the score for the 29-year-old was not relevant. "I did not think about my own statistics after the goal, it was important that I could help the team with the goal and we won the race." It was yesterday in the defensive arts of the Australian as well.

"We were very effective, Wolfsberg did not have a lot of shots on target, we defended our box well, if you keep a 0-0 you always get chances to win the game."

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