After Gruselkick: That's what the police says

Sobering kick in the field, complete the void in the squares. After the ghost match, the Serbian champions Red Star Belgrade still have all the chances in the play-off second stage, a 1-1 tie would be enough to make the CL-dreams of the bulls burst again. Coach Marco Rose was not dissatisfied, the defensive Serbs lacked the last emphasis in the attack: "In one or other actions the conviction was missing."

"Now a real endgame awaits us", the bull-coach reacted disappointed. The 41-year-old also praised the opponent, who stood well and therefore allowed little. In the way back on Wednesday, a victory for their own – and probably also a loud – Serbian public must come to the end, to finally reach the long-awaited group stage of the Champions League in the eleventh attempt.

Junuzovic struck

Former national player Zlatko Junuzovic had to make room for Xaver Schlager after 46 minutes. "At the moment it does not feel right, I hope the muscle is just closed," said the 31-year-old. More detailed investigations will take place today, because it concerns the state of the right thigh of the new arrival of Bremen. "50:50" are the chances, said the midfielder, who wore a thigh leg and had to worry about his bet in the second stage. He too could not set accents tonight. "Red Star defended very well, made us very tight spaces, we did not enter the dangerous zone as we had imagined," said the ex-ÖFB team player. "Of course we were hoping for a slightly better result", confirmed Marin Pongracic, who falls back on the midfield.

Reinhold Yabo, who stormed next to Munas Dabbur, after the ghost game (Rose: "A funny atmosphere with an atmospheric 0: 0") for about 250 spectators stated: "Once we're done, the cleanliness is Missed, the last pass or the final. "Rose knew his troop had not had his best day. "I know my boys, know what they can shoot in front, so I already know: there was a lack of conviction, the opponent to prepare for problems," said the German. Hannes Wolf speculated: "We were perhaps too inconsistent in switching."

Sports director Christoph Freund tried to see positive things. "It was not a formidable game, but we did not score in three qualifying games and that says a lot," he said without admitting in the face of the seventh of eight season games. "It also gives you confidence," Yabo confirmed. However, for the first time 2018/19 was in the offensive, the zero.

Freund confirmed that Red Star had a well-implemented plan. "This is a very exhausted mess, lying in wait for counterattack that does not do much for the game, it is not easy, because you play against seven, eight players, who almost never come out of their own half and just lurking for a counterattack, "he is on the list.

Red star with defensive concept

Red Star coach Vladan Milojevic was accordingly "satisfied" with his team, which was applauded by about 4,000 fans stationed near the stadium. "You must not forget that Salzburg is a very good team, which has almost reached the European Leauge final", he denied criticism of his defensive tactics. It only made it possible that the fans of the winner of the championship trophy in 1991 would dream for at least a week to participate for the first time in the seventh attempt in the group stage of the Champions League.

Full-back Stefan Lainer tried to classify the action correctly: "The result is good, you beat 0-0, we only have to win at home", said the ÖFB team footballer and referred to the importance of the game. "It's all about the Champions League, there's a lot at stake here, I think you've noticed it's in the back of your head, that you can not throw it all out like in a group stage match. already a grown up, "said the 25-year-old. His conclusion: "Of course we also have to put more pressure on the front at home, so we are waiting for a lot of hard work."

Goalkeeper Cican Stankovic, who after the standard situations prevented two good chances for the Serbs (Yabo: "Sensational") and Alexander Walke is probably the first choice in the second stage, swore for the improvement of the home game: "We are an offensive very strong team, and we'll show it on Wednesday. "Rose was convinced:" We have to win and we know we're capable of doing that. "

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