Amicably! Austria rescues welfare contract – football

On August 12, the Austrian sports director Franz Wohlfahrt. Now both parties have agreed on a mutual contract resolution.

"We always wanted clarity and this was ultimately achieved with this amicable and amicable settlement," explains Austrian CEO Markus Kraetschmer. "Franz has done a lot for us Austria, of course such situations are difficult for both parties, but also part of professional sports, so it is all the more important that we have developed a fair solution." We would like to wish Franz Wohlfahrt further. "

"The connection with Austria will always be very close"

Even Franz Wohlfahrt can seem to live well with the solution: "I compare this situation with a situation in private life: there can be crises in every relationship." When it is time, you should carry out the self-analysis and draw conclusions from it. that I am in no way angry at the club, because I owe much to Austria Wien and, conversely, also contributed a lot to the fact that together we have been able to celebrate very nice successes, both as a player and as sports director Priorities, but my connection with Austria will always stay together after 37 years. "

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