Andreas Herzog celebrates the 50's with an international competition

He is the Austrian player of the record game of Austria and participated in two world championships. Today Andreas Herzog celebrates his 50th birthday – in Belfast, where he prepares the Israeli national team for a test competition as coach.

In his own words, the head coach of the Israeli national team is the biggest challenge in his coaching career, after all he has to lead the current FIFA World Cup No. 93 FIFA World Cup Finals. "I want to introduce the team as soon as possible in my philosophy," said the APA of Vienna. "I want to see a creative, creative team." Duke was appointed team chief of Israel on 1 August – more on this in Herzog, the Israel team (

Training career as an assistant

Herzog's coaching career began at the end of 2005 as an assistant coach with the Austrian national team. "I was able to start at the highest level, was co-coach at the European home championships, which was very nice and attractive." In March 2009, Herzog took over the UB U21 team before he followed Jürgen Klinsmann's call in 2011 and was Team Chief Assistant. "An absolute highlight", said Herzog enthusiastically about his almost five years in America, including participation in the World Cup 2014 (out in the second round).

The long-term work as head coach with a team in adult football was lacking Herzog but so far – which was probably also a reason that he was three times a candidate with the team of the ÖFB-team and then was not included. In the accusation of a lack of coach routine, the former German legionary switched to drafts. "I do not hear that anymore, I have to concentrate on myself, there are always critics and every coach, I do not have to be so stubborn that I believe everyone appreciates me, I have to work and convince."

Breakthrough in Vienna, top players at Rapid

There were no discussions about the qualities of Herzog as a player. As a teenager he reached the breakthrough in Vienna, then matured at Rapid to top players and finally celebrated great success in Germany, where he got the nickname "Alpen-Maradona".

With Werder Bremen in 1993 he was German champion and winner of the DFB Cup in 1994 and 1999. Herzog also won the UEFA Cup of 1996 with FC Bayern. "I could not have wished for a better career and always had great success with the coaches – Dokupil in Vienna, Krankl at Rapid, Hickersberger in the team, Rehhagel at Werder."

A damper remains in terms of club career – the time in Bayern was not as desired. "But the switch to Munich was not a mistake, but my behavior: At first I was too calm and reserved, I should have done it differently," Herzog confessed.

Record with 103 international competitions

Herzog's leadership in the national team has been undisputed for many years, as witnessed by 103 internationals, 26 goals and two World Cup appearances. Both in 1990 and 1998 were, however, after the final phase of the group. "Especially 1998 was a bitter experience for me, I had injuries, was in a low form and could not bring my performance."

Nevertheless, the Viennese like to look back on his team career. "I am very proud to be a record national player without my father (please note: Anton, formerly even professional) I would not have made it because I was close to stop two or three times, for the first time Faroe Islands. "The 0: 1 in Landskrona in September 1990 was possibly his absolute national team low. For this, Herzog became a hero a few years later when he scored the goals in the World Cup qualifiers for the two 1-0 victories in Sweden, reaching the final.

In the ÖFB selection as well as in his clubs, Duke always acted as "dozens" in the attack center with virtually no defensive duties. "In shape, this position no longer exists," Herzog said, and smiled: "In retrospect, I want to thank my fellow players and apologize for the dirty work that I have done and now have artificial joints."


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