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By Freddie Röckenhaus, Dortmund

In business clothing, in a nice cloth and tie, Hans-Joachim Watzke is usually only seen when it comes to announcing commercial numbers. On Friday afternoon, two days before the first game against Rasenball Leipzig, Watzke routinely delivered the last record figures of Borussia Dortmund; he sometimes played with the knot, as if he almost could not wait to switch back to the casual outfit of the football manager.

Record! Again: 536 million euro turnover, 28 million euro annual profit, after taxes, interest, depreciation. But what do you do if you have fun in football, like in the last season. If you're powerless in the stands & # 39; feels, as Watzke describes his mood at that moment. In the "season after the attack", as they say in Dortmund; the season in which the team bus was attacked.

Zorc criticizes Hoeneß: "Missing the perspective"

Are there too many new consultants at BVB with Sammer and Kehl? This statement from Uli Hoeneß counts the sports director of Dortmund. Also at Schalke is the FC Bayern theme.

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That at BVB everything seems to be slightly different, has at least received the general storm. Although Watzke presented on Friday the recent success of the Borussia Dortmund Limited Partnership on shares, it ran a few hundred meters away from the football company's office that was just preparing for the last transfer. BVB wishes this summer: Paco Alcácer should be the way you hear it. The center forward, which in the Dortmund manager missed this transfer period, 24 years young, from FC Barcelona. First he has to be loaned for a year, but with the fixed option to record him with good pleasure for a good 20 million euros in the summer of 2019. In Spain Alcácer was a national player at the age of 20 and captain of the proud Valencia club Valencia, including in the Champions League. Then he moved to Barcelona. And – of course – Messi and Suarez have not passed.

Record! Again: 536 million euro turnover, 28 million euro annual profit

Such guys, people who are already captains of a big club and then trust Barça, have been looking for them this summer at Borussia Dortmund. And they seem to have found a few. BVB has already spent 100 million euros on new players since the winter. Almost exclusively for players with a predominantly defensive spirit. Players with a "mentality" who are "courageous in difficult situations, especially when it becomes difficult, when you have to fight back", as Watzke describes the new BVB credo.

A little late, whining, because perhaps Dortmund had decided two years ago, but at the latest after the departure of the unloved coach Thomas Tuchel to change direction. Pay less attention to the fine foot and sometimes allow broad shoulders to speak. One like the other belongs to football. What would Real Madrid be without a man like Ramos? Or Bayern without a Martinez-like? Now they are serious in Dortmund with this violent change, because they have never been observed there. And perhaps the unrivaled in the Bundesliga.

For the defenders Manuel Akanji (from Basel) and Abdou Diallo (from Mainz) BVB paid almost 50 million euros within six months, for the midfielder Brummer Thomas Delaney (from Bremen) and the Belgian Axel Witsel (from China, formerly Zenit St. Petersburg) another 40 million. And in all this shaking is another coach, who has his own game idea. Lucien Favre, who is so Swiss professor, that you sometimes wonder why he became a football referee and not a nuclear physicist. The man seems to be so obsessed with even the smallest parts of his work.

"We did not really let him score goals"

Borussia Dortmund could also be dependent on the offensive ideas of having access to Axel Witsel before the start of the Bundesliga. Because searching for a new peak is difficult.

By Thomas Gröbner

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Every detail has been worked out like at the German stations of Favre in Berlin and Mönchengladbach. And if the French-speaking Favre in his still slightly bumpy German is synchronized over the right foot in this or that new game, even the players are clearly fascinated by him, the risk under Favre, not even regularly in the 18th team for the games. Nobody knows how the professor of sensitive tactics can cope with the harsh climate of a European top ten club – but as a football specialist he was shot in a flash. One thing, however, is certain: the rhetorical power of Jürgen Klopp, still the folk hero of Dortmund, will not reach the 60-year-old Swiss, who would be completely against his nature.

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