Bundesliga: quick search for delicate trainers

Bickel blamed neither the departing coach nor the players, who were also very critical after the release of Djuricin. "I do not think they have a guilty conscience, they do not have to," said the Swiss in the direction of Stefan Schwab and Co. The team simply was not able to handle the pressure. "The players have felt sorry for me, they have really tried it, I believe in their potential."

When the players in the cabin were notified of the transfer of Djuricin, he had seen a "very downcast, calm team that it would be difficult to set up the next two or three days," said Bickel. However, there is not much time left for massaging the soul – on Wednesday the plane leaves for Glasgow, where it will play against the Rangers on Thursday in the Europa League.

Looking for a new Rapid Trainer

The question about the new Rapid-Trainer will be answered at the earliest on Tuesday. A possible candidate is Dietmar Kühbauer.

The rumor mill is furious

Whether or not the new coach is currently located is open. According to Bickel, there should be news Tuesday, on the night before a Rapid Presidium meeting is planned. Names that sat in the rumor mill since Saturday are Dietmar Kühbauer (St. Pölten), Oliver Glasner (LASK), Peter Stöger and also Peter Pacult (both without a club). A foreign solution is not unlikely, also because Glasner and Stöger have last announced not to stand up. The current difficult environment around the club makes the search for a coach for Bickel a delicate task.

Dietmar Kühbauer

GEPA / Christian place

Ex-Rapid player Dietmar Kühbauer is at a climax with the SKN St. Pölten

Last but not least, the recent past showed the role of the Rapid-Coach. Damir Canadi (2016/17) and Georg Zellhofer (2006) trained successfully in Vorarlberg and Upper Austria, but failed in a very short time in the federal capital with much greater pressure. After ten years without a title, the expectations of the fans have not diminished. The powder barrel Rapid also seems to discourage potential candidates.

Uncertain junk waiting for new bus

The person who follows the Djuricin succession meets an uncertain group. "We have to look – I do not know how – that we can get up in one way or another and see what the new coach is up to," said Captain Schwab, admittingly: "The noose has become tighter and tighter. the pressure is no longer on. "The missed reversal after the difficult cup climb on Wednesday in Mattersburg was missing.

According to Schwab, "Victory for punishments" felt like a shame for us and probably for the coach, and we did not get out of this negative turn, even though we went up. "Djuricins said goodbye to him, said the midfielder. "He has given everything for us and has worked for Rapid day and night, what you have to credit him, he has reached the team every day until today and we have given everything, unfortunately this was not enough."

Sonnleitner warns of "gruesome season"

Middleback Mario Sonnleitner said something similar. "We are sorry for the coach, he always gave everything, worked very hard and worked meticulously, but unfortunately we did not bring the services and results together." The Steiermark criticized himself. "Such situations are never easy – you wish the whole team and the coach success, nobody has let it down, we have fought until the end, but it just should not have been." The coach is then the weakest link, but you must not forget that we have also played our part. "

Now, as a team to go together and remember the positive experiences of this season. "We have to transfer the results of the European Cup to the championship, otherwise this will be a terrible season", Sonnleitner warned. Rapid reached the group stage of the Europa League in the summer after climbing Slovan Bratislava and the Steaua follow-up club FCSB and is also in the Cupachtelfinale. In the championship, however, the Hütteldorfer are nine points out of nine rounds out of the top six. The lead on rear light Altach is four, the gap with Salzburg leaders 18 points.

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