Dominic Thiem is in the last sixteen

Dominic Thiem has reached the last 16 for the fourth time in the $ 53 million US Open. The number nine tennis player defeated American Taylor Fritz on Friday in New York for 8,000 spectators in the stands after 3:18 with 3: 6,6: 3,7: 6 (5), 6: 4 and placed in the fight against the only 20-year-olds to 2: 0.

Thiem meets Sunday with South African finalist Kevin Anderson (RSA-5) on Sunday or Canadian young Denis Shapovalov (No. 28 placed / Match on the way). "I'm happy to be back in the second week, but now it's time to reach the quarterfinals," Thiem said on the field for his next game.

Sorry for fans

"I had a lot of bad thoughts in my head, everyone has seen that, I'm really sorry," Thiem said on the field. "The world number nine had in the course of the game u.a. destroyed a bat and cursed a few times loudly.

Thiem first got a false start, while the very talented Fritz probably picked out his best tennis. The back-behind-grandson of the founder of the world's largest Macy's storehouse had to ward off two breakballs in the first serve game. In the score of 3: 2 for Fritz, the finalist of the French Open played a bad service game, which he had to give to zero to 2: 4. A very strong Fritz in this phase brought set one to 6: 3.

In the second round, the circumstances were reversed. Thiem increased to the same extent, while Fritz could no longer maintain his prelude level. The tenfold tournament winner from Lichtenwörth with a break went to 3: 1 and in the episode to 4: 1. After 74 minutes of play, Thiem made the first set-ball up to 6: 3.

Thiem with Ausraster on the site

The third set went very well: Thiem did not use two breakballs in the first game, but had to give up his bet to 0: 2. When Thiem had the immediate Rebreakchance at 30:40 in the third game, Fritz succeeded in getting one Make a debut with a net scooter that was burnt at Thiem by the back-ups: six times he chopped the racket into "small wood". A warning and a Buh concert from the fans were the result.

The rebreak then succeeded Thiem at 2: 3, Thiem gave his turn but with two double failures again and zero to 2: 4. In this exciting phase Thiem found breakballs again at Service Fritz and 15:40. Very athletic, but very rarely in professional tennis, Thiem Fritz pointed out that he should doubt the linesman's reputation: "I would challenge it", he told Fritz, who did this and promptly almost won the game. Thiem's ​​honesty was rewarded, he used the fifth breakbal for the important 3: 4 rebreak.

Fritz was then treated to the left knee and took a break, but was visible in the episode but nothing. The sentence went on exciting and went into a tiebreak. At 6: 5 Thiem had the first set ball, which he could use the same.

Thiem: "Taylor was dangerous all the time"

Thiem was able to return better and better in the episode and succeeded after 2:44 in the break in 4: 2. After reversing two breakballs he set at 5: 2, before it came in 5: 3 to a rain delay of 18 minutes, the players spent on the field. "It was a difficult situation, it was a turning point, a break or not, we did not have a warm-up, then I hit two aces, then three of my six double mistakes, and I'm more than happy that I made the match I did not want 5: 5, Taylor was always dangerous. "

The Lower Austrian had enjoyed the atmosphere in third place at much lower temperatures than the last (24 degrees). "It was great fun, the atmosphere was great, also that it was not that hot anymore, for our players it is always great to play for so many people."

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AND THAT IS THE THING !!!! – Dominic Thiem gets the ball after a lost set combative and not impressed by the visibly courageous opponent Taylor Harry Fritz and uses it for the triumph!


Visibly frustrated Thiem does not want to give up this game and makes even more mistakes. The Austrian, however, comes back immediately after giving the clear advantage in the last game. Fritz is so exhausted from the three hours – MATCHBALL THIEM !!!

It continues with the game

It continues after the longer break! Thiem starts motivated and wants to catch the ball – the Californian is not used to know rain. Despite all of this, Thiem makes a devastating double mistake and gives up the quickball – 5: 4

Rain break in New York

It pours a bit and something like that would not irritate the players! A short break is currently for the possible last game. Visually fun is the in-house DJ – the "Umbrella" in the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center sound.

Fritz does not give up – 5: 3

Break Ball won – Fritz decided the third game himself, but Thiem clearly has the advantage, with the impact on his side. Can this be the last and decisive break ball?

Shortly before match ball – 5: 2

Thiem with the advantage – probability of the 5: 2 and he uses this immediately. After a heavy premium, the American himself gets caught and Thiem gets the next game with a nice volley!

Both visibly weakened

Instead of 0:30 the equalizer of the Austrian. Too many flaws of the American already deep in the duel – then an absolutely negligent mistake by the Austrians. Return of Fritz – Break for Fritz!

4: 2 for the Austrian

The deep Volleys scratch the Californian. Thiem uses these errors in his favor! The frustration now spreads over Fritz – he wants to check the balls and does not understand why he gives so many points. The Austrian does not care, which brings him after a further mistake of the American expansion of the leadership.

Thiem again in the front

3: 2 for Thiem! A strong forehand on the line follows and forces Fritz ultimately to the error.

Some dates for the game

Here are some statistics about the edge of the game: 16:13 in aces, 4: 5 double fouls, 119: 120 won points, 77:78 points won after markup and 3: 3 won breaks! Balanced game continues. 40:30 It is currently in the 5th game for Thiem!

Fritz with the compensation

Balance in the fourth game – Fritz will not stop. After a deficit of 15: 0, the American turns the game around and the break starts. – 2: 2!

2: 1 for the national hero

Dominic Thiem now with 14 full aces on his behalf – Fritz continues with twelve. Almost clean, Dominic Thiem gets the break and leads again. – 2: 1

Strong second game here – 1: 1

Fritz quickly and almost clears the second game. Thiem strikes back and grabs the opening at 0:40 to 40:40 – some fans are also clearly heard by the Austrian! Break-ball for Fritz. Thiem resists the debut of the American. The following can not escape Fritz and compensates in the fourth sentence.

Fritz concentrates – Thiem with the leadership

Fritz starts concentrating in the fourth set – but Thiem takes two strong balls. The 20-year-old American tries to hit the ball, but only hits the ball in the net. Fritz fights himself in the subsequent rally and eventually forces Thiem to make a mistake with a powerful hand. Break-ball for Fritz! This is not used – then benefit for the Austrian. Chances are the 24-year-old can not take – 1: 0 leadership!


There is a waiting time for the first mini-break! Fritz helps but can be distracted by the local fans. Thiem makes use of the advantage and gets the tie-break after an excellent overtaking and with that the third set. The Austrian could already decide this game with full concentration. Fritz will certainly not make Thiem easy – strong match of the 20-year-old!

TIE-BREAK – 5: 5

Small mistakes that open wounds! Thiem can not be confused and compensates in the tie-break.

TIE-BREAK – 4: 4 is up-to-date

The smooth series continues – after the point of Fritz Thiem now gets the break. TIE-BREAK – Started directly from the 12th Ace of the American. An ace of the Austrian after that!

Ausraster of the Austrian

Incidentally, the Ausraster can still be seen in the initial phase of the third set!

6: 5 for the American

WOW! – Fritz gets 3 points quickly and gets the break. Again a huge advantage for the American with a rich background. 6: 5 it stands here for Fritz!

Resolve – 5: 5

Excellent performance of the Austrian – he rises skillfully with an ace and then uses his break. We have a seventh sentence here!

Fritz with the leadership – 4: 5

After the equalizer the Austrian reacts prematurely and again gives important points! Fritz gets 5: 4 and now has the ball in his hand.

Played for two hours

The entire two have been reached! Fall asleep, but looking for another duel, because what the two stars bring here is almost sensational!

Thiem brings the balance – 4: 4

Visibly weakened by the game, Thiem mercilessly attacks his opponent in the next game. Soon, the Austrian gets 3 points, but Fritz gets in at 40:30. The break, however, makes use of the 24-year-old and makes 0: 3 residue equal to 4: 4! Class comeback from the Austrian

Bloody facts – time-out

Once Taylor Fritz drags the skin around the knee after the lost game. Of course a medical time-out is required and will be used afterwards. The Fritz fights here, there is no question of it!

Untitled-1.jpg© screenshot

What a game – 3: 4

Double error Fritz – Thiem now has two chances to break again. He does not use it first and lets Fritz catch up and then gives the point in the next game. What is wrong with Thiem after the Ausraster? The home advantage visibly helps Americans and fights back from their debut. He also does not use the fourth break-ball in this game and gets the 5th break-ball! The re-break is back after a nice fight – 3: 4 after this match!

Taylor Fritz is waiting for mistakes

Fritz just waited for that! With a backhand pass, the American shines and he now plays in a frenzy.

Two mistakes in one game – 2: 4

Second double mistake by the Austrian. Now he also gives away the runs in the sixth game – with another double error. – Fritz increases to 4: 2

Magic Balls by Number Nine – 2: 3

Dominic Thiem makes it clear that it is enough for him. In the next game, the Austrian gets the break! A charming ball with a beautiful finish! Thiem brings to 2: 3 – the thing he has to get now.

Thiem is frustrated – 1: 3

That he does not accept the defeat in the 3rd game, he makes clear in the 4th game – 40: 0, Break decided himself – Connection!

Thiem has enough – 0: 3

Now the first criminal has to believe it – and completely understandable. After a clear lead in the third game, Fritz picks up and just gets lucky. The Austrian has had enough and has a rest! – And now the game loss. Fritz compensates, uses his break and raises to 3: 0

The referee warns the audience

A memory of the fans – too many "out" calls from the home fans at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center!

Thiem gives away points

How Fritz makes the supplements of the number nine harmless is worth watching! In addition, the catching up was successful – from 0:30 the break decided for itself. Fritz leads with 2: 0!

Fritz leads again – 0: 1

Bad luck for the Austrian! The 20-year-old Fritz takes the full risk and plays the ball dangerously during the debut. Second break-ball awarded and now the advantage for Fritz – and then follows a bait.

Fritz brings the game – 1: 0 for him.

Paging in New York City

Thiem now seems to take the lead and uses the mental advantage. The Austrian has found his rhythm and is now convinced with strong baseline attacks.

Enable victory for Thiem

SET VICTORY! – With his eighth ace and a winning percentage of 91%, the Austrian wins the crucial game and makes it right. The Billie Jean King National Tennis Center sounds the song "I just can not get enough of it" – and not without reason. What a duel between the two tennis stars!

Second set of ball for Thiem

And Thiem does not let this mistake sit on him: with a strong backhand he forces Fritz to further errors – 15: 0

Fritz does not stop – 5: 3

Played fast, 40: 0 – A service winner and an ace, Fritz fights back and connects. 5: 3 here at the US Open!

The Lower Austrian before the set win – 5: 2

Fritz generally seems no longer able to knock on his level from the first sentence. Currently the seventh ace for Dominic Thiem and the 5: 2 in the next – sovereign turn-around of the game!

4: 2 – Fritz lays down

The Americans can not offer that – he brings the game and connects. 4: 2 for Thiem

Full time

Incidentally, the full hour has already been reached here – we are already at an hour and a good four minutes.

Here is the thing – 4: 1

After endless exchanges and incredible five performances Thiem brings the 5th game!

Madness game in New York

Strong exchange! – An advantage for Thiem after a brilliant angle. Serve for the Austrians and this swarming of the Americans easily. Deuce number 3 – again advantage Thiem. And again, the 20-year-old Californian fights back – fourth time debut! Benefit now for Fritz – but he does not use it. Unbelievable what is going on in the square. Thiem must decide the break for themselves!

The tempo uses Thiem

Again the tempo is played out – shortly thereafter Thiem hits the ball exactly on the line. Fritz does not believe that and has it checked – okay: point to Thiem! Deuce number 1: the Austrian does not decide the advantage for himself and it is here again 40:40!

3: 1 for the Austrian

There is the point! – Thiem can not be put off and let the Americans see who is the boss in the square.- 3: 1 it's here!

Fritz now without supervision

Fritz – Thiem 's second double error is completely affected by the forehand. He takes a lot of speed and raises to 40:15, but the American does not give up. 40:30 It's currently in the 4th game!

Thiem mentally stronger

By the way, Thiem compensates the Ace statistics. It is currently 5: 5 – the service rate of the Californians is also falling to 51 percent.

2: 1 for Thiem

This is the experience that speaks for itself. Thiem determines decisively and punishes Fritz with his own forehand. 2: 1 for Thiem

1: 1 in the second game

Now it's Fritz again: after a quick winner, the American also hits the ball with his forehand – but in the end Fritz gets more breaks after a draw and he succeeds in getting the same. 2nd game – 1: 1

Jürgen Melzer in the next round

Short information about the edge on the 10th place! Jürgen Melzer and Nikola Mektic win the win in doubles!

Thiem strikes back – 1: 0

Fritz takes the pace that Thiem uses with his experience. Break-Ball – advantage Dominic Thiem! Break-Ball fought and here is the lead in the 2nd set.

Meaning profit for Fritz – 6: 3

Thiem fires around him with his vanguard and forces Fritz to the point of loss. Fritz but determines and determines the first sentence for himself after the 5th ace!

Incredible statistics from the Californian – 5: 2 aces, 93% first serving. But enough – change page here in New York!

No clear class difference – 3: 5

Thiem does not show his best side today. Fritz proves exactly the opposite – points won at the first start – 91 percent!

After the score of 40:40 Thiem gets the next break. Advantage for the Austrian: Fritz moves the ball outside. – 3: 5!

Taylor Fritz determines the match – 2: 5

Fritz determines this game now. The number 74 of the world plays here at the highest level and can already rise to 5: 2! Strong dose on the part of the American: 19 points only by markups.

5: 2 in the 7th game

The backhand again! Fritz is the boss in the field and the Austrians feel that. Strong A

Fritz brings 6th Game sovereign – 2: 4

Madness! Game 6 and clear with 40: 0! Fritz sees the mistakes at Thiem and punishes him hard.

Strong of the American

Surprisingly brave appearance of the American! After his clearly won fifth game, Fritz forces the number nine in the world to make even more mistakes. Long rally – three breakballs in favor of the Californians. It remains exciting. Serve Thiem in the loft 0:40!

The Californian defeats – 2: 3

Fritz is clearly at the back of the Austrian and finds success. Strong serves on the part of the American. 1. Double errors by Taylor Fritz – and then the 4th bait, stain corrected – 2: 3

Thiem with the equalizer – 2: 2

The Austrian is now better at the game. Incredibly fast game of the two! Thiem decides the 4th game and compensates for this. 2: 2!

Fritz with the 2: 1

3: 3 of errors on both sides – unusual mistakes of the Austrian. Fritz with the following good serve – scarce 140 km / h were measured. Thiem can not hit the ball – 2: 1 for Fritz!

Compensation – 1: 1

Class! At 15.30 Thieme comes boldly in the market and forces Fritz to make a mistake. Shortly thereafter Thiem has the advantage – and there is the first game for the Lower Austrian!

Fritz with the 1: 0

After each a defensive debut on both sides, Fritz gets the benefit of a fast drawn ass. After a short exchange of strokes, the American brings the 1.Game!

Let's go!

Taylor Fritz with the service! – Two points go directly to the Austrian. Fritz fights back with three points!

It starts immediately

The duel of the ladies won the player of Latvia Sevastova clearly after the first lost set. (4: 6, 6: 1, 6: 2) The number nine ATP warmly welcomes the American Taylor Harry Fritz. Of course, clear favorite shows the mutual statistics at different points. Last year, Thiem won the direct game after four sets of 6: 4, 6: 4, 4: 6 and 7: 5!

Further delay announced

At the moment, an exciting game takes place around the two women mentioned above. The Russians Makarowa and Sevastova from Latvia are currently in the third set. The current status is only 6: 4, 1: 6 and 2: 3! The long-awaited duel for the Austrians against the Americans should therefore also take place at 7:30 PM. Of course we will keep you informed!

Serve at 7 pm

As the game of the ladies Makarowa and Sevastova is still running, the long-awaited duel Thiem against Fritz is delayed for half an hour. The game is expected to take place at 7 PM!

Not the 1st collision

The two opponents met each other in the game of the US Open in 2017, the Thiem could decide with four sets himself. The game contains 42 games to decide. Fritz conquered the crowd and served well enough to steal a sentence here. Thiem meets his chairs with confidence, comes back well and has the experienced advantage in big races. That is extremely important at that time in big blows where the big boys are disconnected from the "new boys". Fritz is just not on this level, but can cause a surprise.

Facts of the opponents – Fritz

The American comes from a victory over Jason Kubler, who needed 27 games to go to the third round. Fritz won 65 percent of his first service points and 53 percent of his second service points and took a 2-1 lead before Kubler had to give up. Fritz won 60 percent of his total service points and saved 10 of his 14 breakpoints. As long as Fritz is more consistent with his service and can limit his easy mistakes, the crowd will hide behind the American in the hope of seeing a surprise. Fritz has the chance to win the fourth Grand Slam race for the first time in his career. The 20-year-old has won four of his last six games on the hard track.

Facts of the opponents – Thiem

The Austrian won the win after five sets on Steve Johnson, who had to decide 51 games. Thiem won 80 percent of its first service points and 64 percent of its second service points. He won a total of 73 percent of his service points and saved six of his seven breakpoints. Thiem also had 67 winners on 38 errors, and if he will produce that quality, he will remain the secret favorite in the tournament. The Lower Austrian hopes to make the fourth round of a Grand Slam for the eighth time in his last nine attempts. Thiem has completed the fourth round of the US Open in three of his four games and has won five of his last eight games on the field.

Light rain in New York City

In the last competition of Dominic Thiem there was very hot and especially dry temperatures in the city around the "Big Apple". It was such a weird heat as in the sauna, not quite humid, but actually it pleases me better when it is humid, "said a visibly relieved Thiem after he had gone to the third round. pleasant 25 degrees Celsius in the city of New York!

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