Eintracht Frankfurt: Coach Hütter calls for a reaction from his team in the DFB Cup


Adi Hütter is eager to stop a disturbing fire as soon as possible, but the season has not really started yet. The new bus of the Frankfurt Eintracht has had a lot to do lately, even today, because this Saturday (3.30 pm) is the match in the first DFB Cup-main round against the fourth division SSV Ulm in anticipation, he has to remove. And, as he has made very clear, he does not feel like a "firefighter". But in times like this, the man already feels that the mood around Eintracht Frankfurt after the 0-5 field fighter against Bayern has almost disappeared in the basement last Sunday.

The defeat, especially because it had arisen, but has caused a huge disillusion everywhere. From the anticipation of the season, which accompanied the club after the triumph of Berlin over the summer, is no longer felt much, she has made care. So Hütter says it is now his job "to develop new euphoria with my style". He wants to make it "we have joy". Moreover, the cup winner's progress in the cup would be very useful today.

And yet it is an ungrateful game. If Eintracht Frankfurt wins, this is the normal state, the defending champion has had the upper hand against the outsider of unterclassic, and there is no winning in laurels. If the Hessen is eliminated, the excitement is probably big. The last time Eintracht Frankfurt flashed in the first round, dating back to 2012, then 0: 3 against Erzgebirge Aue and the resignation of keeper Kevin Trapp. "Any game that you do not take seriously is dangerous," says Hütter. Accordingly, he mainly wants to see from his team: plenty of ball possession, good ball progress, a different body language than in the match against Bayern, mentality. He did not want to feel like "we give up" again. In short, he calls the team to "a reaction", the team will present itself from "another side". "I expect my team to play their class."

The Austrian, who is in office for six weeks, is currently not exactly jealous of his work. He himself admits that it "does not work that way", even if "the mood gets better every day". The problem is that he currently has a team that is much weaker in quality than generally expected. Today, Hütter & # 39; s are six absolute top performers of last season, namely the departing Kevin-Prince Boateng, Lukas Hradecky, Marius Wolf and Omar Mascarell. Cup hero and second-rate Ante Rebic is not available for adductors. It is also questionable whether the Croatian will be suitable for the start of the season at SC Freiburg. So far, the 24-year-old striker has been training with the team for just three days after the World Cup and his holiday. Strange, it seems therefore that he performed in the Supercup with a score of 0: 4, apparently not physically in good shape.

In addition, because of the red card in the semifinals, Gelson Fernandes is still locked up against Schalke for this game. Finally, Timothy Chandler, who had undergone knee surgery yesterday, will have to "take a longer break". Hütter can, after all, exclude an injury to the cruciate ligament. How long the right back does indeed fail can not yet predict exactly.

And because the once inflated frame has been sharpened by seven professionals to increase the overall quality of the training, the footballer Hütter is now faced with the strange situation, only 18 outfield players (plus two keepers) will be left behind in the Cup, including all new signing sessions, most of which have not yet proven their ability to help the team. In the Supercup, five out of eight newcomers had not made it because they were not ready yet and had to get used to the pace and style of play & # 39 ;. After all, Nicolai Müller, who finds his way back to the job after his throat bleeding, is unlikely from the start. In the gate Supercup will be setback Frederik Rönnow. The Dane has to "arrive in Frankfurt", says Hütter, to do this he has to practice.

Of course Adi Hütter knows that his team is far from over. But he hoped "to get one or the other player" until the Bundesliga started. Until then, he must control the deficit, get the best out of the situation and ask for patience. He is a trainer, "who wants to develop something", "who goes on" and whose job it is to be "positive". Even if it is difficult at the moment. Nevertheless, he is "not afraid, respect yes, but not afraid". And coaches are always under pressure anyway. But this does not change the task: Ulm has to be won. And that is what Eintracht wants to do in the 90 minutes. "Punishments," says Hütter, "we have not practiced."

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