Formula 1 in Belgium in live ticker: Vettel arranges the race for Hamilton

Formula 1 in the live ticker: GP of Belgium: Violent accident, Vettel arranges the race for Hamilton

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Will Sebastian Vettel lose his courage in the title race of Formula 1? After finishing second in qualifying in Belgium, a video shows how the Ferrari driver shouts at his technicians because he sees his car battered. Lewis Hamilton starts from pole and has the advantage. The Spa-Francorchamps race in the live ticker.

GP of Belgium

+++ live score: 1. FAT 2. HAM (+3.3 s) 3. VER (+14.1 s) 4. PER 5. OCO 6. GRO 7. MAG 8. BOT 9. GAS 10. ERI +++

17/44: Hamilton puts Vettel under pressure. The Brit is driving a new fastest lap. The advantage of Vettel shrinks to 3.3 seconds. Ferrari is now slowly thinking about a stop, Mercedes will probably not make a cut.

14/44: Vettel makes the front of the pace, riding on average 0.2 seconds faster than Hamilton. The distance has increased by 3.8 seconds. Verstappen shows that he feels at home in his Red Bull today. But he can not keep up with the two leaders. The gap with the second placed Hamilton is currently eleven seconds.

11/44: In the same place as before at Ocon, Verstappen takes in Perez this time. The Mexican defends inside, Verstappen uses the speed surplus and pushes outside. Third place for the Dutchman.

10/44: It does not go further for Kimi Raikkonen. His Ferrari is damaged at the start of the accident. That leaves only 16 cars in the race.

9/44: Fernando Alonso steps after his violent impact for the cameras. Things are going well, but Nico Hülkenberg, who caused the crash by a driving fault, the Spaniard exerted strong criticism: "How can you miss the braking point, so how can something happen if you drive in the highest class of motorsport? but if the adrenaline is out of the body, the pain will also come. "

8/44: That does not look good. Raikkonen is back in the pits. The mechanics stumble on the rear wing, possibly the car of the Finn has started, something crashes. For the time being he is back on the track, but is now far behind in 16th place.

7/44: For his enthusiastic fans Verstappen Ocon passes with a strong maneuver after the long straight. The Frenchman is queuing up, but must let the Red Bull go.

5/44: Start again, green flags! A few pieces of debris from the accident fly through the air. Everything is good this time. Vettel stays in front, Hamilton can not zoom in, quickly builds up the lead. Perez and Ocon are still excellent at three and four in the race. Verstappen is in fifth place, but busy.

3/44: Many teams use the safety car phase for very early tire changes. Among others, Bottas and Raikkonen come to the pits.

2/44: Vettel did very well at the top. Before the race director sends the safety car to the track, the Ferrari driver uses the slipstream on the long straight and easily passes Hamilton. The Mercedes driver has no chance to defend the lead.

2/44: These are already violent photos. Alonso is in the air for a short time with his car and flies over the Leclerc Sauber. Both drivers are disabled. Hülkenberg is also involved in the crash. His Renault is ready for scrap.

1/44: Vettel passes the long straight on Hamilton, then comes the Safety Car!

Round 1/44: the lights go out! Hamilton leaves super, stays in front of Vettel, behind him comes the crash! Violent accident! Safety car?

15:13 o'clock: It goes to the starting places. The tension increases.

15.08 clock: In two minutes the Formula 1 is finally back from the summer holidays. Immediately it goes into the introductory round.

14:55: Spa-Francorchamps is a very special station. The track is one of the most demanding races in the Formula 1 race. One round is seven kilometers long and drivers can reach speeds of about 325 kilometers per hour. The stands are full. Especially the fans of Max Verstappens attract the attention with orange Bengali. The best mood in Belgium.

14:49: The pressure on Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari during the Formula 1 World Championships is obviously greater than the driver and the team insure time and time again. In a video for the Belgian Grand Prix you can mainly see and hear, as Vettel shouts at his mechanics – while cursing in perfect Italian.

When the rain started, Vettel and his teammate Kimi Raikkonen drove directly behind each other to change the tires in the pits. Raikkonen was so close behind Vettel that the mechanics pulled up out of lack of space, Vettel's car only in front and then pulled him a little forward.

This made Vettel audible in anger. "Stop, stop, you scratch the subfloor." Fuck, raise the car, damn it! "The Heppenheimer snarled into the radio." Basta! Fuck, Che cazzo fai! ", He then sent in Italian, which means something like:" What are you doing? "

Vettel responded to the incident in conversation with "Auto Bild Motorsport". "It was not a curse for me, I noticed that the bottom was scratching the asphalt and I did not want to damage it."

14:40: Sebastian Vettel against Lewis Hamilton – and the unpredictable Ardennes weather. The Belgian Formula 1 classic on Spa-Francorchamps on Sunday again promises a spectacle.

Vettel has to overtake the title draw

Ferrari driver Vettel necessarily needed a sense of achievement in the 13th round of the season. He is 24 points behind championship leader Hamilton. The British Mercedes driver won the last two races for the summer holidays and is already in pole position in Spa.

The World Cup mission of Vettel threatens to get completely out of hand. "We absolutely have to pass somewhere, I think we have the pace," said Vettel, who in practice seemed to have some advantages over his Silver Arrows rival.

Rain on Belgian flights?

Spa is notorious for sudden weather changes. Just shining the sun, he can pour the next moment powerfully – and then quickly dry again in bad wind. These were exactly the circumstances that Hamilton used on Saturday to ride to the pole position.

For the third time in a row, the British helped again in a duel with Vettel. In the rain, the Mercedes is stronger than the Ferrari. Vettel will therefore probably make anxious looks in the clouds again on Sunday.

Bottas and Raikkonen have a residue

The teammates of the World Cup fighters are unlikely to offer support this time. Hamilton & # 39; s stable size Valtteri Bottas has to start from the last row after a replacement of the engine.

In Kimi Raikkonen the Ferrari team boasted in the Chaos qualifier and did not fill enough fuel. The Finn, who has won four times in Spa, therefore only starts in sixth place. "These things may not happen," said colleague Vettel.

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