Formula 1: Skin Charles Leclerc from clean to hare off?

The rumors in the paddock around the Monegassen are getting louder. The newcomer with 13 championship points with his manager Nicolas Todt (son of FIA President Jean Todt) has given up the "fight" for the Ferrari chair of Kimi Raikkonen (38).

Kimi & # 39; s contract – a formality

The factory team trusts, as BLICK has announced, on the Fin. The official confirmation is still missing. Kimi, who won four times in Belgium, greets nine races before the end as third world cup with 43 points behind teammate Vettel.

A red driver change would really make no sense. And the wish of Vettel has come true again, so previously only Michael Schumacher had the team from Maranello under control.

Haas glitters with 220 employees

For Leclerc, the first career jump has not been met. But a move to Haas-Ferari would even make sense for the upcoming talent. For the American team led by South Tyrolean Günter Steiner at Magnussen and Grosjean it is the fifth with 66 points.

At the start in Melbourne alone, Haas gave away more than 20 points with two missed pit stops (clip nuts)! The very well-functioning team with only 220 employees in Banbury (Gb) can fully hope for the support of Maranello. Apart from aerodynamics, cooling and chassis everything comes from Italy.


Günter Steiner. Lukas Gorys

Does the death of Marchionne have consequences?

After the death of Ferrari chief guru Sergio Marchionne on 25 July in Zurich, Ferrari has changed a lot. How strong is Alfa & # 39; s interest in Sauber now? The favorite project of the worldwide thinking Marchionne. He also wanted to bring Leclerc to the factory team before 2019 and take replacement pilot Giovinazzi to Hinwil. More than 410 people are already working there!

Sensitive driver choice in Hinwil

Some riders of Alfa Sauber suddenly run out of doors. And how safe is Ericsson's place, which has been providing financial relaxation for years in the Zurich district of Zurich? Especially Stoffel Vandoorne, who has to go to McLaren-Renault, urgently needs a cockpit.

Even Esteban Ocon was already offered … The mostly quiet Sauber chef Frédéric Chef Vasseur has hectic days ahead …

Sauberbaas Frédéric

Sauberbaas Frédéric Vasseur. image / Motorsport images

Only if Ocon finds a seat …

Ocon is and will be the "victim" of Force India, which will start under the name "Racing Point Force India F1 Team" and will start at Spa as finalist of the World Cup with zeros, but is in the money blessing. Savior Lawrence Stroll can now live with his consortium.

Already next week in Monza it should come to make changes. And that is where Ocon plays the main role. Only when Mercedes houses its protégé somewhere, is Lance Stroll (19) already in the GP Italy Racing Point Force India.

McLaren & # 39; s grief performance

And with Williams-Mercedes test driver Robert Kubica (33) would return. The biggest opportunity for Oc is possible at McLaren-Renault, where in the first training Formula 2-star Lando Norris (18) replaced the Spaniard Alonso. Norris, however, was only marginally faster than Vandoorne on the 18th.

Training with new engines

After Ferrari Mercedes has also installed new engines. Now the PS battle starts: 980 in the Red, 960 in the Silver Arrows. Of course Racing Point Force also benefit Inda (7th Ocon, 9th Perez), Sauber (13th Leclerc, 14th Ericsson) and Haas (12th Grosjean, 17th Magnussen).

Vettel for Verstappen

At the front, the three superstars set the tone after the first 90 minutes: title hunter Vettel drove in the Ferrari best time for public favorite Verstappen (Red Bull) and championship leader Hamilton (Mercedes).

Classification of the first spa

Classification of the first spa training.

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