Gareth Bale replaces Ronaldo

Most recently, Real Madrid won the Champions League three times in a row. Led by a towering Ronaldo, the Royals have been almost unbeatable in the Dutch league for years. In the summer, the Portuguese changed surprisingly enough in Juventus. At Real, however, not all are disappointed about this departure.

Gareth Bale says in an interview with the Daily Mail that the move from Ronaldo is even good for Real. "We are more of a team and work more than one unit as a single player", said the Welshman. "It is clear that things are a bit different without such a big player, it might be a bit more relaxed."

Bale expects in an interview with former coach Zidane. The 29-year-old was disappointed that he was rarely in the basic line-up – including in the final of the Champions League: "I was angry, very angry, to be honest, I felt I deserved to start the game", says the Welsh plain text.

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