Glasner & Kühbauer as top favorites at Rapid

Immediately after the departure of Coach Djuricin the rumor mill was called by Rapid – and the mobile from Sportboss Bickel. Within a few minutes, the 58-year-old received news from a dozen coach managers, mainly from Germany. Because there are currently hardly any vacancies in the German-speaking world, Rapid also has a high priority for our neighbor. Bickel did not comment on the name. As AUSTRIA learned, the requests from Germany (possible names: Ex-Schalker Weinzierl or Stuttgart-Ascension-coach Wolf) could not be interesting. With Rapid, many strive for a homely solution. While the fans want St.-Pölten coach Kühbauer, the Rapid bosses LASK coach Glasner have in their sights. Problem: both have ongoing contracts with their clubs. Kühbauer until the summer of 2019. As you can hear, St. Pölten wants to have about 750,000 euros. Glasner (contract until 2022) said yesterday before the game against Sturm against the rumors: "I have a lot of plans with the LASK, so I'm not interested in that." He has no opt-out clause, according to consultant Jürgen Werner.

Kühbauer and Glasner would cost a lot of money

There will probably be a new coach tomorrow. President Krammer wants a quick decision. So that the new one is already on the plane on Wednesday for the European Cup-hit on the Glasgow Rangers. Today is the presidency meeting, in which Bickel presents his preferred candidates. Not included is Peter Stoeger, who said in AUSTRIA the question: "No subject, I tend to go to Germany or England." However, the subject remains an interim solution with the latest Rapid-Mastermaker's Pacult. He said recently: "Of course I would." P. Scheichl

Djuricin costs 70,000 euros

In contrast to the recent layoffs of coaches Canadi, Büskens and Barišić as well as sports boss Müller Rapid, a dispute over contract payments will be spared. Djuricin had a contract until the summer, in the next few days together with the Rapid bosses to solve the dissolution. Should Rapid pay him the last 9 salaries, that's about 70,000 euros.

Bickel Plan B presents today.

On Monday from 6 pm it will be serious in Hütteldorf: Since the board meeting is planned at Rapid Sports Boss Bickel, the bosses around President Krammer are his shortlist. Because the farewell of Djuricin did not come from nowhere, the 58-year-old Swiss has been working on a Plan B for a while. He must be blessed. "I have all my ideas," said Bickel Saturday night.

The reactions of the Rapid fans on Twitter

■ PB, Twitter: "Thanks Goran for your work and dedication."

■ Pomfi N., Twitter: "Djuricin was not my first choice, but with a Fiat 500 in terms of player material, I can not expect a top position in Formula 1."

■ Dominik W., Facebook: "I do not think you should throw stones at Gogo, verbally or otherwise, and thank him for his untiring efforts."

■ Stefan A., Facebook: Rapid is currently a class weaker than the rest of the Bundesliga. "

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