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No Ferrari cheers in Monza! Lewis Hamilton won the Monza Grand Prix for the fifth time. The four-time world champion managed to win the sixth victory of the season despite the double pole position of Ferrari. In the 45th round, he made the crucial overtaking maneuver, with Ferrari Kimi Raikkonen hoping to win.

"Thanks to the team, everyone has done a great job, we were negative at the start of the weekend, now it's gone – okay," cheered Hamilton.

Raikkonen could not win for the first time since Australia 2013 – 108 races. Third place went to Mercedes-driver Valtteri Bottas. Red Bull driver Max Verstappen finished fifth with a time penalty behind Sebastian Vettel. Teammate Daniel Ricciardo stopped a technical defect.

Accident with explosive

For discussions in the Mercedes-Triumph in Ferrari country, the accident between Hamilton and World Cup rival Sebastian Vettel. Only 17 points differed the duo before the race.

Shortly after the start, before the second chicane crashed. Lewis Hamilton started on the outside to overtake. Vettel opened the door for the quadruple Champ, Hamilton sent aggressively, in the corner, the Ferrari and Mercedes touched each other.

Vettel turned, looked straight at the approaching field and fell back to the eighteenth place. From there he started his catching up for the feverish Tifosi and he became fourth.

The FIA ​​has investigated the accident. Verdict: no penalty – a normal race accident.

Hamilton's masterpiece

Hamilton & # 39; s Mercedes stayed with the accident with Vettel without any damage. The Brit after the safety car phase set a brilliant restart and reached Raikkonen. The Finn only came back a round later and retired past Hamilton. It developed a gripping duel, which Hamilton decided in round 45.

"My rear tires were at the end, I was not fast enough, could not follow him", explained Räikkönen.

For the first time since Michael Schumacher in 1996, a driver won third place in the Grand Prix in Monza. In the World Cup, Hamilton is now 30 points ahead of Vettel. Restful.

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