Hamilton struggles to send Schumacher to tears – Formula 1

From pole position, world champion Lewis Hamilton chases the victory at the Belgian Grand Prix on Sunday (from 3.10 pm, "Today" ticks live).

That is what the Formula 1 teams deserve

Before the race in Spa:

Vettel understands: "What are you doing like that?"

For the confrontation on the track, the 33-year-old Englishman Michael Schumacher, who is struggling for his health after his ski accident in December 2013, with an emotional post.

"Michael, last year it was a great honor for me to put your record of 68 pole positions here, words can not describe what it was like to reach a hero's record," Hamilton writes on Twitter.

Then the Mercedes driver writes that "Schumi" will be his lifelong role model and he regularly thinks of him: "I pray every day for you and your family, Keep fighting, Michael."

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