Juventus starts with Ronaldo on the "Triple"

Juventus leaves on the "Triple" with Ronaldo

TURIN. The transfer of World Champion Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid to Juventus has embarrassed the Italian Serie A.

  storm in Larnaca: Next penalty today

Storm has lost the chance. Image: GEPA photo & # 39; s

But in the starting position, virtually nothing has changed before the start of the season. Everything except the eighth consecutive title for "Juve" would be a sensation. The big goal of Ronaldo and Co is of course "Triple". Four times in a row, the "vecchia signora" ("Old Lady") from Turin recently won the "Double". In this season, which starts tomorrow (6 PM) with the Juventus guest appearance in Chievo Verona, now also for the first time since 1996, the Champions League can be won. "I am here to shape the history of the club, I am only interested in always winning and always giving the best", said Ronaldo unambiguously in his presentation.

The only legendary Serie A legionnaire is U21 team-forward Arnel Jakupovic (Empoli).

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