Kepplinger rows to U23-EM silver |

Kepplinger is rowing to U23-EM silver

BREST. Lightweight rower Rainer Kepplinger picked up silver at the U23 European championships in Brest (Blr).

In the final, the 21-year-old Ottensheimer even reached a 1000 meter lead, but eventually had to beat the German Simon Klüter. "It was a really good race," said Kepplinger, who is now looking forward to the World Championship Adult World Championships next week in Plovdiv (Bul). "The medal gives extra motivation for the World Cup." The lightweight double quad with Sebastian Kabas, Lukas Kreitmeier, Levi Weber and Umberto Bertagnoli won bronze as well as the lightweight double skulls with Alex Maderner and Johannes Hafergut.

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