Lauda friend Marko talks about surgical drama

This news passed the world: Niki Lauda had to undergo a lung transplant at the beginning of August. Fans and friends were shocked and hoped for the best. The doctors of the Vienna AKH – where the procedure was carried out – gave a clear signal a few days after the complicated operation. Niki is on the right track, but now he has to prepare for a long recovery with many limitations.

Someone who has been familiar with Niki for decades is Helmut Marko. Once on the circuit, his competitor, the two Austrian motorsport legends, are now faced as team officials. How much the relationship between the two has grown over the years, he was on Servus TV in the "Sport & Talk in Hangar 7" look through.

"When you have fought each other, hard and in dangerous circumstances, you have earned respect over time." If it gets serious, I know that the Niki is not telling me nonsense, nor do I tell him, "Marko says openly, and now he talks for the first time about the time after surgery. "We know it was very serious, and it is not said that the lungs will not be rejected" Marko: "He needs our support, but he is a great fighter "he continues.

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