Michael Schumacher: Ex-manager Willi Weber: "Michael never wanted to live in Mallorca"

Michael Schumacher and his possible move to the Balearic island have been causing a stir for days. Michael Ex-manager Willi Weber now reveals surprisingly in BUNTE surprising things from the psychic life of the Formula 1 legend.

What a whirl! Willi Weber (76) is recovering in his holiday home in Camp de Mar in the southdwest of the island of Mallorca "and people only know one other topic," says the entrepreneur and sports manager on the phone at BUNTE. "Is Michael coming or not coming?" The people here have mixed feelings, on the one hand they would be happy if Michael was on Mallorca, but on the other hand they do not know how to deal with it, because nobody suspects how Michael is healthy – and if he would even notice anything of the beauty around him. "

Michael Schumacher & # 39; s son Mick follows in the footsteps of his father. Now the "little Schumi" has done something that did not exist before. You can find out what that is in the video.


Michael and Corinna Schumacher

Michael Schumacher
30 million properties in Mallorca – the new home of the Schumacher

His former SchütZling Michael Schumacher (49) knows Willi Weber inside and out. Even if the two separate roads go since 2010 and since then Schumacher is led by Sabine Kehm. It is no secret that Kehm and her VorgnThere are no friends. Nevertheless Weber reacts calmly when BUNTE asks him how he thinks that the Schumacher family bought a property in the municipality of Port d'Andratx – the island is very likely on the beach or in the supermarket Corinna Schumacher (49) or Sabine Kehm übhe can walk the pathnnte.

"He keeps fighting" – a confidant who had been promised some time ago. What he has more to say about Schumi, you will learn in the video:

Willi Weber laughs. "I have no problem with that, I wonder why his family just bought an estate here." What do you mean? "Michael never wanted to live in Mallorca, he did not feel right here, a good 20 years ago he would have to get a property on the island, the only condition would be that he had his house built by a local construction company, Michael refused. He did not like Mallorca at all, it was by no means his dream island, even though many claim that he loved Mallorca, which is not true. "

You can read the whole story about Willi Weber and the move of Schumacher on Mallorca in the new BUNTE 35/2018.


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