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Discussions did not reach beyond the early stage

The Fenway Sports Group (FSG) does not think about the sale of Liverpool FC. According to a media report, the owners of the Reds have rejected a $ 1 billion offer. Curious: it came from a cousin of the owner of Manchester City.


Coat of arms of Liverpool on the new stand: the Fenway Sports Group has invested heavily in the club in recent years.

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As reported by Daily Mail newspaper on Friday, Sheikh Khalid Bin Zayed Al Nahyan would have offered the FSG 2.2 billion euros for the acquisition of the LFC. According to the & # 39; Daily Mail & # 39; this would have been the most expensive purchase of a football club so far. The owners of Liverpool, however, rejected the proposal of the future prospect of United Arab Emirates, who is a cousin of the owner of the city, Sheikh Mansour.

According to the Daily Mail, there was a meeting in New York in New York earlier this year. The newspaper refers to its existing documents. Accordingly, the sheikh also wanted to involve a Chinese partner in the deal.

However, the discussions should not have gone further than the first discussions. The FSG does not want to sell its majority of the 18-year-old English champion, who acquired them in October 2010 for around € 300 million.

Open to minority investors

"FSG has always made it clear: the club is not for sale," he said in a club statement: "What the owners have always emphasized is that under the right circumstances a minority investor is considered – if there is one such partnership promote our commercial interests in certain markets. "

"City Football Group" of Manchester City sold 13 percent of the € 377 million in 2015 to a Chinese consortium.


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