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Tuesday afternoon Rapid Sports Chief Fredy Bickel will introduce the new coach. Who will it?


Who should become a Rapid Trainer?

The trend in the club goes to a household solution. This is understandable: the situation is explosive, the construction sites are large. Rapid is in eighth place in the rankings, a league insider has to come here, who makes nails with heads – and quickly brings the recordmaster back to success.

On Monday evening, Bickel will submit proposals to the presidium, tomorrow the new one will be presented. Whether he sits on the coach chair in Glasgow on Thursday. Thinkable.

Favorite Kühbauer

For fans, the favorite is clear: Didi Kühbauer should judge it. He would have been free twice for sports management. Now the money costs a lot of money.

In St. Pölten "Don Didi" from a league beating boy in the second place. In the summer, the former Rapidler, 148 matches and 33 goals from 1992 to 1997, as opposed to Bickel in St. Pölten, were not a bad buy.

After the 2-0 victory against Rapid in Vienna, Kühbauer was not contacted on Saturday night. On Sunday it could have changed, the 47-year-old also was Zaungast in the 2-1 Mattersburg against Innsbruck. Mattersburg is next opponent of Rapid in the League on Sunday.

One thing is clear: the negotiations with St.Pölten could not easily buy Rapid from the contract. Says "Don Didi" Yes to Rapid, the Hütteldorfer must reach deep into the bag. According to insiders, the pain threshold is around 800,000 euros.

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