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Before the important Europa League playoff against Steaua Bucharest, the Rapid Ultras cause a stir. In an internal letter in the curve, Hütteldorfer's active fan scene evokes the immediate departure of coach Goran Djuricin. Even the office is taking away its fat.

Police used against Slovan hooligans

"Since the big euphoria at the beginning of this season was interrupted by some terrible performances by our team, it is high time to set the tone, and after the desk discreetly stops, the voices of Block West become louder and louder. position of the trainer, we now also denounce the presidency, especially with regard to sports expertise, "said the communiqué.

Threat to Innsbruck game

The fans are annoyed about the lack of titles: "Of course we realize that another coaching chaos will not necessarily yield positive results, the coaches were, or are, certainly not only responsible for years of titlelessness, but today we will change staff and requirements requirements stay, if necessary, loudly complain at the match against Wacker Innsbruck. "

"The morale and the motivation, but also the will to win and the struggles of our players also leaves much to be desired, although we are fundamentally convinced of the quality of the team, but we also believe that our coaching team does not have the potential of every player can tap into it, so a change of coach is inevitable – only in the goal there is a positive development ", writes the Ultras.

The letter from the tribune ends with the bold letters: "GOGO OUT!"

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