RB Leipzig wants to open up the football market in Asia

Like other Bundesliga clubs, RB Leipzig wants to strengthen its presence on the international football market and thus open up new markets. The Saxons want to intensify their involvement in Asia, especially in China.

"We think that the Asian market is very interesting, there is a lot of investment, also from the government, they are interested in European football, there are active companies in Europe, so there are synergies," said CEO Oliver Mintzlaff of "Bild" ( Tuesday). In China, Bayern, Borussia Dortmund and FC Schalke 04 are already active.

According to Mintzlaff, the Far East market is "not easy, but we are trying to understand it better." That is why RB has hired a Chinese employee for this purpose. Distant foreign journeys will probably also be on the bulls in the future. "I'm sure we'll be going on a foreign tour in the next three years," Mintzlaff said.

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