Red Bull Salzburg swings with the CL million

Red Bull Salzburg is looking forward to their very first participation in the group stage of the Football Champions League after ten failed attempts. Even if the play-off games against Red Star Belgrade went wrong, you could be financially relaxed looking forward to the future. "It was clear from the start that this is the most important season for us in the Red Bull era," said Managing Director Stefan Reiter. "Now or because of the championship title 2018/19." For the champion of the current season, a ticket for the Champions League group stage 2019/20 is certain.

Even if the curse of the royal class persists, you will receive 5 million euros for the play-off participation. You would go to the group stage of the Europa League and at least get an entrance fee of 2.92 million. This is also the case with which Salzburg has budgeted. However, if the jump in the CL group phase succeeds, there are 15.25 million as registration fee. For every victory in the six games, UEFA will release 2.7 million euros for a draw of 900,000 euros. In comparison, there are 570,000 or 190,000 euros in the Europa League.

Moreover, the Club Coefficient Ranking of UEFA comes into play: the best placed team in this "hit parade" of the 32 participants in the group receives 35.46 million, of which the worst is 1.108 million.

Failure would not affect the transfer policy

With the proceeds of the three homegames of the group thus swaying more than 20 million euros. A recent failure would "not affect the transfer policy, you can not exclude one hundred percent in football, but that is not our plan, it is our intention to step into this group stage with this team and deny it", said sports director Christoph Freund . Freund would not refuse the warm CL millionaire rain. But: "In essence nothing changes our orientation and the way of the past years," said the 41-year-old. Of course, the advantage is that you can make "a certain pillow". So because "the pressure to make transfers at a certain moment" is not that big anymore. "You can keep the team together like this year, which would not have been possible three or four years ago."

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