Roger Federer Dream defeated Nick Kyrgios – comments

Genius defeats craziness! Roger Federer (37, ATP 2) beats the bad guy Nick Kyrgios (23, ATP 30) on Saturday night in three sets of 6: 4, 6: 1, 7: 5.

And although it seems to be a meager game in the beginning, where Federer seems anything but irresistible, the match later changes into the real Roger gala.

The scene of the evening? Of course, Federers makes a magical battle in the third part. With a score of 6: 4, 6: 1, 3: 3, the Basel bidder responds to an excellent Kyrgios volley with an incredible battle for the net post. The hall is raging, Roger is only bending his fist – and Nick Kyrgios is closing his jaw. Unbelievable, the Australian Roger takes care of it, to give him some more words along the way.

During the press conference, the 23-year-old reveals that "I wanted to tell him that the battle was not so good." Laughter erupted in the hall, because of course Kyrgios takes a pinch of sarcasm in this sense. And then starts to grin. "No, it was incredible, I almost wanted him to stop beating like that."

"It's Roger – I was happy!"

Kyrgios, who is still crazy in the first set, is not sad after the defeat of three sets. The reason: its counterpart. On Twitter, Kyrgios writes: "Without sounding like a fanboy, I want to congratulate Roger Federer – too good, GEIT (Greatest of all times, in English: the greatest of all time, d.Red.) Good luck with building your leadership, the 21st. »

As far as Federer's dream is concerned, the Aussie says: "If someone else makes such a point against me, I'm probably not too happy, but … it's Roger, I was pretty happy."

Federer is satisfied with the move to the last sixteen – and with his family. That is present in the stadium. After the victory in dry cloths, the camera – as it is just Usus – pans the box. The mood is beautiful. The little girls clapping in their hands, dancing. Until they discover themselves on the video cube.

Maybe they save the power for Papa's next game. The next Australian, John Millman (29, ATP 55) waits in the round of 16. And if Roger was against Kyrgio's favorite, he is all the better against Millman. (Sag / sme)

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