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Roger Federer beats at the US Open Nick Kyrgios 6: 4, 6: 1, 7: 5. The game is one-sided, but no less entertaining after the Swiss won the first set against the game. In the second set, Federer twice beat the 23-year-old with brilliant stopping balls. Because the Australian, known for his unorthodox way of playing, does not want to be left behind; So he takes out the wand himself.

The highlight of the race is the seventh game in the third set: the Basel-biker beats the ball relatively short with an undercut forehand kick, Kyrgios counters with an even shorter forehand-cross-stroke – the rally seems definite. But Federer sprinted forward with five quick steps, hit the ball a few centimeters above the ground and carried him at the net post vobei unreachable for the perplexed opponent in the field. The spectators in the biggest tennis stadium in the world jump for their seats, Kyrgios, like Federer, has to smile.

He had almost reached the point where he wanted to force Federer to show such punches, Kyrgios would later tell. "I was pretty happy with myself." Even in the same game, the nerd shines with points that have caused enthusiasm. Once he succeeded in a stop-praise-stop combination, shortly thereafter with a fantastic semi-volley stop ball. During the break, Kyrgios Federer exclaims: "That was probably the best punch I have ever seen."

«I will probably post the article on Instagram»

After the game Kyrgios says: "It was incredible, I place the spot on Instagram." The right-handed man from Canberra did not lose his sense of humor, he says with a chuckle: "Roger is an exception, if someone else strikes me like that, I would not be satisfied, but it was Roger, so I was pretty happy."

The Swiss explains that it was absolutely a unique battle. "Because you rarely have the possibility to play over the net, and then you can not train this battle, because it usually has a bigger net because of the double or you miss space, you should run against the fence." claim that it was his best hit ever, but then he does not want it. Federer also mentions his Kontersmash in Basel against Andy Roddick (2002), his incredible praise to Andrew Agassi in Dubai (2005) and the Tweener to Novak Djokovic in New York (2009).

Federer against Roddick. (Video: Youtube / Semiwesternclothing)

Federer against Agassi in Dubai. (Video: Dailymotion)

Federer against Djokovic. (Video: Youtube / Penabaza) (

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