SK Rapid self-critical: "Something is not always good"

Take a deep breath at SK Rapid after their home win at 2-1 from FC Wacker Innsbruck.

The relief was to see all participants after the last whistle, the second competitive victory in a row perfectly.

Nonetheless, instead of exuberant joy, self-criticism in the green-white camp was considered. Because sovereign is absolutely different.

"We are critical enough to know that things like this are not always good, and we know that best from our own experience," added Stefan Schwab. LAOLA1 to.

Schwab: "That was not the yellow of the egg"

The captain further commented: "Once the result is positive, it's good for us, we do not have to discuss today's performance, we have plenty of room for improvement, which was not the best thing about the egg."

Although the Hütteldorfer had good times, but repeatedly made frivolous mistakes that would be almost expensive.

So the team of Goran Djuricin could finally thank for the performance in top form of goalkeeper Richard Strebinger and the Innsbruck, which missed many opportunities.

"We have allowed too much, we have to talk about that, we could have scored three goals, that is not allowed, we have to be more focused and more compact, there were really unnecessary bad passes where we brought the opponent back into the game. not satisfied with everything, "the Rapid Chief Advisor analyzed.

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It started strong Rapid, crowned the pressure stage with Schwab's early 1-0 in the 15th minute, but let the opponent easily play chances. In the 25th minute Marvin Potzmann rescued after a shot from Dedic in the slide on the line, also Dieng and Harrer found good chances.

Allowed scoring options cause headaches

Goalkeeper Deni Alar made it clear: "We sometimes played pretty good football and sometimes not so good, made a few mistakes where the other team came across – where we were lucky, we just have to start with the first stay focused until the 90th minute. "

That was not the case. The compactness was missing and the newly formed defensive fell into pieces. With returnees Max Hofmann, Mert Müldür and Stephan Auer played three new ones in the back four, even Philipp Malicsek, compared to Thursday.

In the second half, the Viennese staggered even more, because Wacker ran a risk and after Alar 2: 0 again got the first goal from Friday. Alar complained about the backward movement, because too many players simply stopped in front.

But not only the many admitted opportunities are preparing for the second stage of Europa League Playoff on Thursday at FCSB, formerly Steaua Bucharest, with headaches.

Also the multitude of opportunities that could not be efficiently converted into countable. Especially Christoph Knasmüllner proved a chance in the last phase – all things Rapids "Mr. Europacup". While he gets four international matches in three games, it will not work in the Bundesliga as desired.

Alar about Knasmüllner: "Do not know what we mentioned two there"

Twice, Rapids new signing Giants is going to play the game too early with the 3-1 to decide. As soon as he even missed the target, even the gate.

"I do not know what two of us mentioned there, so we'll talk again and make it better than Thursday," Alar could not believe it either.

Also for Veton Berisha Knasmüllners two faces can not be explained: "I do not know what's going on in the league in the Europa League he meets everyone and in the league he shoots the .. But as long as we win, that's not a problem . "

But others were also involved, playing out too many paid situations at the desk was rather bad. And so it was exciting because of the defensive vulnerability and the unused opportunities – too exciting for fast conditions.

"In the last 15 minutes we just have to score two or three goals, then the game is over, we make it unnecessarily exciting and that simply can not happen to us," said Alar without apologies.

"That can go wrong and then we all look through the fingers"

Coach Djuricin disturbed the far too bad passes. "We have to radiate much more rest, in certain stages we miss the routine and Knasi could have achieved two or three goals if he had been calmer."

The captain also found clear words that it has come again with the horror and three points – especially with regard to the award-winning 100%: "I can not blame anyone for doing it deliberately." These are all scorer points, the boys unfortunately, and at the end of the day that can go wrong and then we all look with our fingers and are deeply disappointed, but then we know exactly that we have to blame ourselves. If this fails, it is not funny. "

Schwab, who for the first time was completely new after his knee problems, did not want to see it as too negative, but pointed to the points that need improvement:

"We have done very well in recent weeks, it fits, everybody tries, everyone dares, nobody hides, but we are still too hectic at the ball, you just do not realize we are not like that We are on the ball but we are not completely in the same position as it was or should be, and we have to work on that. "

A reaction in the Bundesliga was very well shown, according to Berisha. The victory against Wacker tastes sweet and calms the situation at Rapid. On Thursday, however, much is at stake – against FCSB you certainly can not afford so many mistakes.

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