Storm coach Bird after debacle: "This is the coronation"

"It is a disgrace."

Storm coach Heiko Vogel is visibly upset after the 0: 5-debacle (match report) in the second stage of the Europa League qualifying match against AEK Larnaka.

"I am terribly disappointed with the team because they did not make it, today's game was the crown on me, it was abandoned," says the German in the ORF and apologizes to the fans for what can hardly be excused Performance of his team.

De Grazer presented himself inferior in Cyprus.

Hardly noticeable offensive actions, but partly flagrant errors in the defense, in addition, the yellow-red card of Sandi Lovric in just eight minutes.

No copying, but …

"This is a huge disappointment and nothing that you simply put on the agenda, so we have to talk about Tacheles", says an angry Günter Kreissl.

"It's about telling the players that they're damn responsible – for this club, for the fans, the executives, the staff, for all of them – they're not taking this responsibility right now and that's what I feel very clear. "

Asked if the blamable appearance would lead to consequences, says Kreissl:" There will be no direct consequences in the sense that there will be human consequences. "

The managing director takes this away Sport of a possible coach discussion for the time being the wind from the sails. "I can not have any consequences by throwing heads-up, but I can have consequences that we will clearly discuss with the team," Kreissl said.

Vogel: "Crew not ready for Europe"

In Graz there is a great need for discussion. However, a lot of time to digest the debacle and re-emerge does not exist, on Sunday with the league match against Altach again the next important game.

The European Cup ends for Sturm Inlorious.

"When I see the Europa Cup campaign, the four matches against Ajax and Larnaka, we are deserved to leave the field, and I think we played at a reasonable rest period and that was In the rest of the season the team has shown that they are not yet ready for Europe ", Vogel draws a sobering balance.

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Europa League: Sturm Graz fails in a painful way

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