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All of Austria keeps his fingers crossed for Niki Lauda. The Viennese AKH is told that Lauda must be partially reconnected to the ventilator. Reason: his body has not completely taken over the new lung. Woman Birgit joins the racing legend. Lauda struggles hard to regain her health.

Niki's health is now up and down

Recovery. But it will take a while before Lauda is fit again. Meanwhile, the attending physicians assume that it takes four weeks for Lauda to leave the intensive care unit. There is no relapse after lung transplantation about four weeks ago. Lauda is no longer in danger of life. The AKH only hears that it is better on some days than worse. But that does not worry the doctors at all.

"Positive, but mixed". Not the family either. "In short, the course of recovery is positive, but also mixed," says the family environment. "It only takes weeks before the body picks up the organ."

Long recovery time is a logical consequence of the procedure

Praise. The doctors are certainly satisfied with the state of recovery. "He is the best patient," they say. Such a difficult procedure can not easily be done away with. The long recovery time is only the logical consequence. Even with a Niki Lauda.

Female Birgit and twins give Niki Lauda strength

Fighters. Lauda had to spend his tenth wedding anniversary in intensive care with Birgit yesterday. He was married on 25 August 2008 at the civil registry in Vienna-Währing. With Birgit Niki has the twins Max and Mia (8) – the family also gives him the power to get everything through.

Lewis Hamilton wants to win today for the sick Lauda

The whole Formula 1 is at the GP of Belgium in the back of the head with the Mercedes boss Lauda.

World champion Lewis Hamilton wants to win for his boss today. The Briton says: "We miss him a lot, but the good thing about Niki is that he is the greatest hunter I know." With a victory, the Mercedes-star could take a big step towards the title defense. And of course he wants to celebrate with Lauda.

Desirable. Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff also says: "It's a big blow to not have him with us, Niki is someone who thinks in hundredths, but that's one thing for weeks." Red Bull race boss Helmut Marko hopes: "We have Niki needed, wish him, that it goes uphill with him. "

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