The LASK in the weird league club

The LASK in the weird league club

Brigitte Annerl, chairman of Hartberg Image: GEPA photo & # 39; s / Christian Walgram

The LASK in the weird league club

HARTBERG. TSV Hartberg: sponsor money thanks to fertility pill; Captain was until recently Postler.

By Harald Bartl,

August 25, 2018 – 00:04

Hopefully there will be no hopeless surprise for the LASK on TSV Hartberg on Sunday (5 PM). The black and white ride as a favorite for the newcomer from Styria, who is full of surprises.

The president: inventor of the fertility shell for the man

It is already unusual for Austrian football that with Brigitte Annerl a woman is the number one of the Bundesliga clubs. Even more unusual is the field in which the president of Hartberger works fulltime. Twelve years ago, the patent "Profertil" was filed as a patent that Annerl developed together with a research group. A dietetic food in capsule form, intended to optimize the sperm quality of the male. Today, Annerl's company sells a million so-called therapies (60 capsules spread over at least two months) and, according to the company, the company is active in 60 countries. The president's tenacity around the Hartberger revolt also got a fertile ground. While the competition denied the Steiermark club in the first two cases the promotion to the Bundesliga, Annerls received the club in the third and last attempt, but still the "League Pickerl".

The captain: training again instead of work at the post office

Many fans of LASK Siegfried Rasswalder still have to be reminded. Ten years ago, the sympathetic full-back with the LASK under coach Karl Daxbacher was in the Bundesliga. Meanwhile, the 31-year-old has been playing in Hartberg for five years – and he had long since ended his professional career. "I worked part-time in the Hartberg post office and delivered packages to Hartberg companies." Now he is again professional and looks forward to the game on Sunday. "Not only because I only have the best memories of my time at LASK." LASK player Dominik Frieser recently married my cousin, which will be a family duel. "

The playmaker: "Lost in Translation"

It is a pleasure to watch the two Hartberg players Youba Diarra (RB Salzburg) and Zakaria Sanogo play football. If they do not follow the instructions of coach Markus Schopp, they have a good excuse: they did not understand him. The duo only speaks French, an interpreter does not exist in Hartberg.

The coach: Bundesliga instead of regional competition

Experience as head coach was an unimportant issue when ordering Markus Schopp. Before his Bundesliga start, the former player of the national team had only served the amateurs of Sturm Graz in the Regionalliga.

The goalkeeper: builder in his own stadium

The Ried fans will probably have nightmares about him today. It was mainly the parades of goalkeeper Florian Faist, who dazzled the Innviertler in despair. As soon as the Styrians had made the ascent, the keeper was asked on a completely different mission: the engineer works at the construction company, which had to expand the Hartberger Stadion in Eitzzugsteppo from 1500 to 5000 spectators and make Bundesligafit. "It was clear that someone who knows the conditions in the club would do that, and I was always involved in the reconstruction before and after training for hours," recalls the indigenous Hartberger. Sporty, the Styrians have so far no construction site thanks to good performance.

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