WAC tweet after winning the game

The WAC has established itself in the upper half of the Bundesliga. The Wolfsberger celebrated a 6-0 (3-0) victory in Mattersburg on Saturday and are therefore three unbeaten games. However, the hosts received the third defeat and suite. SVM-trainer Gerald Baumgartner is difficult to count after his assistant coach Renato Gligoroski has already been fired.

The Wolfsbergers celebrated their runaway victory with a tweet that caused a smile with one or two other users. On Twitter they wrote: "A 6-0 out of win was achieved by the RZ Pellets WAC for the last time in 300 BC"

SKN St. Pölten, who also had a 2-0 victory at Wacker Innsbruck on Saturday, promptly responded: "Well, hopefully you do not have to wait that long – is there something wrong?"

Triple packs of Schmerböck and Liendl

The first league triple packs of Marc Andre Schmerböck (38th, 45th + 3rd, 75.) and Michael Liendl (33., 52., 84.) provided the clear success of the Carinthians, who had previously defeated Austria 1-0 at home and reached 0: 0 at Rapid. The team of Christian Ilzer had lost 3: 4 in St. Pölten only to start with. Mattersburg, however, won only the opening game in Altach 3: 2. This was followed by a 0: 2 at home against the series champion Salzburg and most recently a 2: 4 at the climber in Hartberg.

The Burgenländer first controlled the game and also had the first opportunities for leadership. But Florian Hart missed 20 meters (15th) and Marko Kvasina failed after Stanglpass from Rene Renner up close for goalkeeper Alexander Kofler (17th). It should also have paid a penalty for a handheld from Michael Novak in the penalty area for Mattersburg (23).

Equal first chance used

The WAC took advantage of his first chance after just over half an hour. After preparatory work by Dever Orgill and pass by Marcel Ritzmaier, Liendl completed. Only five minutes later, Schmerböck rose after a Liendl header assistant with a corner shot long to 2: 0. And just before the half hour Orgill whistled to the left and served Schmerböck, who was beaten in the middle of a short distance. The extremely vulnerable defense of Mattersburg looked particularly bad in this situation.

After the change Andreas Gruber should have made it 1: 3, but he chased the ball after Renner Pass of seven meters above the goal. On the other hand, Liendl failed first at Kuster (51.), but shortly afterwards he left 40 meters above the goalkeeper via the bottom of slats for a preliminary decision.

Mattersburg, however, had no luck. Kofler defused both a header by Thorsten Mahrer and a shot by Patrick Salomon (61./62.). The WAC was much more efficient. With a perfect shot in the far corner after a long Liendl pass, Schmerböck increased the score to 5: 0 for the visitors. Liendl then filled half of the dozen. After a cross from Ritzmaier he came to the final score. The 32-year-old midfielder was involved in five of the six WAC goals.

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