Wacker sat down at Hartberg, St. Pölten went on undiminished by Tiroler Tageszeitung online

Innsbruck, Altach – So far in the final stages, Wacker Innsbruck has fallen in the sixth round of the Bundesliga with a 2-1 home victory in the starting duel with three points from TSV Hartberg and delivered air for the upcoming international break. "It has been noted that both teams have a lot to do, sometimes bad passes with us, the coaches do not like it", said Wacker coach Karl Daxbacher after the first season victory in the Sky interview.

"The differences are very small each time, and we have to make even more use of the opportunities," explained Coach's coach with regard to forgiving countermeasures that would ultimately have almost claimed revenge. Because Hartberg received a flattering fine just before the end of the match. TSV striker Dario Tadic failed with his central shot to Christopher Knett, who had left the opener of Zakaria Sanogo a very unlucky figure. "In the beginning sometimes the loser, but in the end it can look different again, that's football," said Knett.

Schopp criticized weaknesses in the defense

Hartberg coach Markus Schopp was again annoyed about the poor defensive behavior by standards. The crucial header of Wacker defender Dominik Baumgartner resulted in the LASK from sleeping balls a week earlier. "We currently pay a lot of lessons through so-called little things that we do wrong," said Schopp, who wants to have eliminated the standard weakness after the international break. The Styrians gained only three points from the first six rounds and walked in the penultimate place in the table.

Running from St. Pölten continues

The SKN St. Pölten series continues. The 2-1 victory on Saturday in Altach was also a happy ending, the winning goal fell by a hard penalty in the 93rd minute. "It gets harder," said successful coach Dietmar Kühbauer after the game, in which the Lower Austrians remained unbeaten for the eleventh time in a row.

"Dream start would be almost subdued." I was completely satisfied with the implementation, which we still won at the end, that is all the better ", says Kühbauer. His team is still the first Salzburg hunter and scored 14 points – in the last season the "wolves" needed 34 rounds. The score was "great", so Kühbauer, but: "I have seen so much in football that I do not turn now." On the crucial Elferszene the Burgenlander remarked: "You can not, but you do not have to give the punishment."

Altach does not have self-confidence

However, the negative spiral continued for the Altacher. In the competition still without victory, the Vorarlbergern was the lack of self-confidence clear. "It is not to believe in the end, but we have broken the game with the final action in both halves," said coach Werner Grabherr. (APA)

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