Collapse bridge in Genoa: Motorway operator must be controlled

Still looking for victims of the collapse of the bridge in Genoa. The government has now commissioned an investigation of the motorway operator – the parent company will start to rebuild the bridge as planned.

After the collapse of the bridge in Genoa, the Italian government started an investigation into the bus manager "Autostrade per l & # 39; Italia". The company has 15 days to prove that it has fulfilled all contractual obligations regarding the proper operation of the bridge and the prevention of accidents, said the Ministry of Transport.

Focus on parent company

If the information is considered insufficient, this would be a violation of concession terms. The mother company Atlantia was asked to immediately start rebuilding the bridge at its own expense. Atlantia also had to pay for the reconstruction of the destroyed one under the bridge building. Atlantia is controlled by the Benetton family. The company owns 88 percent of the largest toll road operator in Italy.

Fatalities are buried

Tomorrow the death of Genoa will be buried – the government has planned a day of national mourning. The number of victims is still provisional, even days after the fall of the bridge. Ten to twenty people are still missing, the authorities say.

Meanwhile, the fallen concrete parts have been cut off with heavy equipment. Almost no one still believes in finding survivors.

State funds must flow rapidly

Genoa was declared a state of emergency for a year. State funds for reconstruction should flow more quickly – even for the more than 600 people who are temporarily unable to enter their homes. There is also a need for a solution for the traffic from Genoa to France: the Morandi bridge alone transports around 4,000 trucks per day, which now have to be diverted like the other traffic.

Many accusations

The Italian government is preoccupied with accusations of guilt, although it is far from clear to the public prosecution how the disaster could happen. This is likely to derive from their own failure: the five-star movement, in Rome, the largest ruling party, had until recently resisted large investments in infrastructure in Genoa.

Now, the party stirs up the popular anger against the highway operator there, although it has not yet been decided whether, for example, the bridge was serviced.

The green-blue truck of Genoa

A green-blue truck has become the symbol of the devastating collapse of the Morandi bridge in Genoa, With a few meters the driver had survived the disaster on Tuesday. "I could save myself because a car rushed past me and I slowed down," said the 27-year-old newspaper "La Repubblica". He had seen the car crash with the others, suddenly slowing down and in reverse gear. "Then I opened the door and fled."
Photos show how close the truck is to the abyss. When the engine is running, the driver must have left the car. The Genoese was on his way to the local supermarket chain Basko.
The truck was not the only vehicle that would have left people fleeing the bridge there, a spokesman for the Ministry of Transport said. The prosecutor has not ordered any research reasons to drag them. But sooner or later that will happen.

French justice determined

Meanwhile, the French judiciary also has to deal with the setbacks. The Public Prosecutor in Paris investigated suspicion of negligent assault and negligent murder, as the authority confirmed. The reason is that French also belongs to the victims – in such cases it is common for French researchers to intervene.

With information from Jan-Christoph Kitzler, ARD Studio Rome

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