Condor machine has reached after target for bomb threat

After an unscheduled stopover due to a bomb alert, 273 passengers arrived in Düsseldorf a day later (Blick reported). The Condor plane, originally from the Egyptian Hurghada, landed Friday around 9:30 PM in North Rhine-Westphalia, as a spokesman for the airline said.

The police interviewed two of the passengers in Düsseldorf. The spokesman did not give details.

The plane landed on the Greek island of Crete in an unscheduled manner following an incident on the road from Hurghada to Dusseldorf on Thursday evening. According to information from "Bild" and the Greek media, during the flight on the toilet, a smear with a bomb alert was discovered. The pilots then landed the plane at short notice in the city of Chania, Crete.

Passengers were housed in three- and four-star hotels after about two hours of questioning by the police. On Friday afternoon they were taken for lunch and then back to the airport. The machine was searched with detection dogs. But they had not found anything suspicious.

Via Twitter passengers complained about the long stay at the airport and the unfriendly treatment. Condor said the airline had no influence on that. These are police measures by the Greek authorities. Compensation is also excluded according to the valid European directives. (SDA)

Posted on 18.08.2018 Updated at 01:00

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