Meseberg: what to expect from the meeting between Merkel and Putin?

Merkel wants to use the influence of Putin on Assad

And there is another reason for this: Donald Trump. Angela Merkel and Putin are closer together again, in the face of a fluttering US president. New US sanctions against Russia can also harm German companies. From the economy there are calls to end the Ukrainian sanctions against Moscow. But Merkel will probably stay here.

On another subject, Syria, the two are looking for an approach. Because Russia needs each other, Russian expert Meister says: "Mrs. Merkel is interested in Assad's withdrawal of refugees and Putin has an influence on Assad. Putin has an interest in building the post-war order with Assad and needs money."

United against US sanctions

Money that Germany and the EU should give. Until now, however, the announcement came from Europe: we only do a reconstruction in Syria without rulers Bashar al Assad. But for a transition you want to work with Assad.

Realpolitik calls this Stefan Meister of the DGAP. Merkel and Putin are also looking at Washington this weekend.

They will mainly want to show the Americans that there are conflicts of interest and that they do not want to be blackmailed on certain subjects.

Stefan Meister | German foreign policy company

For example in energy policy. The Nordstream 2 pipeline is under construction. She would have to bring Russian gas to Germany. Donald Trump is a thorn in the eye, he raged repeatedly against Merkel.

Platzeck: pipeline of German and European interest

For Matthias Platzeck, the chairman of the German-Russian forum, this is another bottleneck in the Meseberg talks: "Because it is quite clear in German and European interests that this line is being built. "

And finally we have noticed that gas supplies from Russia have been steadily running for 45 years, beyond all difficulties, even about the highlights of the Cold War, and that is why we must seize that opportunity.

Matthias Platzeck, chairman of the German-Russian forum

Controversies and European solutions

The peace of Brandenburg will not be exactly the same, this weekend the chancellor explains: "There will be controversy, and there it will be Of course there are also points where we think about how we can speed up and improve bilateral or international cooperation. "

Merkel and Putin help to speak the language of the other person. So good that Putin likes to correct interpreters and Merkel even won the Russian Olympic Games of the GDR as a teenager.

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