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& # 39; Begum Jan & # 39; about the revenge of Mannan's humiliation – Share Biz

Showbiz agency: Transforming the film humiliating film of the late hero Manna. The hero died before he was shooting. This stops the work of the film. Producer and director Mohammad Aslam could not be released until today. FDC authorities receive nearly eight lakhs of money in the film. The FDC authorities do not allow permission to submit to the Senate Board if they do not pay the money. He's in trouble. His new film, Begum Jan, has stood for Begum Jan
Mohammad Aslam said: "I have already finished the work of Begum Jan". To be submitted to the Censorship Board, permission must be obtained from the FDC authority. On the 15th, if permission had to be given to pay the money due to the dishonor of the film. But about 90 percent of the film was finished photographing and more than one crore was released. Let the FDC authorities know in writing. Hopefully they can help Begum Jan to send them to the sensor board. He further said that if the FDC authorities are not next to me, we will complete the film again for humiliation. My photo was submitted negatively on FDC. But the FDC will have to work with all kinds of people. Heroine Moushumi played a role in the film with Mannaar hero Manna. Emon, Shirin Shila, Saif Khan, Orin, Abhi, Tannin Subha and others acted together in the film Begum Jan.

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