Anirban was tied to Satpa

Actor Anirban Bhattacharya has finally tied the knot by ending speculation. On Thursday evening (Nov. 26), a limited exchange took place at the National Mime Institute in Salt Lake, Kolkata. Anirban did not want to bring the extra audience to the event, so the media was banned.

First the marriage of the registry, then the exchange, finally the donation of vermilion. The second part of the wedding will be concluded on Friday (November 26). Where more than one star of Tolipara has been invited.

Madhurima Goswami, the daughter of the famous mime artist Niranjan Goswami, has been learned to be the bride of Anibarna. She is a student of Rabindra Bharati University. Talk to Anirban while working in a drama team. Then 12 years of love, then married.

Earlier it was rumored that Anirban was in love with actress Sohini Sarkar. It was also learned that they spent a separate time outside of the shooting. However, they disagreed to comment on the matter. Security Status

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