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Close WhatsApp on mobile phones – bdnews24.com

All Windows smartphones support in six months
What happens is closed, says WhatsApp, British tabloid Mirror.

It is said on behalf of WhatsApp: "On December 31, 2015,
After that you cannot use any Windows operating system. "

"While we work for this operating system
No, some functions can stop working at any time. "

Not only Windows, but older versions of Android and iOS
Also excluding WhatsApp support.

In February 2020, Android 2.3.7 and higher
Older versions and iOS 7 and earlier versions are closed to WhatsAppSwap.

Currently the most popular messaging apps in the world
A hoopsup It recently added that the & # 39; Advanced Search & # 39; was added to the wobblytonfo.
The beta version of WhatsApp has been tested by informing new features.

There is already a search function in WhatsApp. Because of this
Customers can find out more about messages and chat threads.

The new version from the previous version
More benefits can be found. With new search results, images, links, audio, documents,
Gif or video can be filtered.

Customers can view the search history with new features.
When the customer searches the image in the image, all messages in the image are displayed.

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