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Gambhir advised Afridi to & # 39; crazy & # 39; to be

The war in Baghdad has started again in India. But now it's not at political level, in sports, in sports. Not even in the entire team. The situation in the personal fight of the two players is getting warm again.

Indian opener Gautam Gambhir has advised Shahid Afridi of Pakistan to be mentally ill and to be mentally ill. Afridi previously mentioned Gambhir as arrogant and individualistic.

On Saturday, he responded to Gambhir's response to Shahid Afridi's attack on his Twitter account. He wrote: & # 39; Afridi, you are a fool. However, we still give visas to Pakistan for medical purposes. I'll take you to the psychiatrist. & # 39;

The relationship between Shahid Afridi and Gautam Gambhir has not been good since his career. Players from India and Pakistan say no. Because there are quite a few scenes with India captain Virat Kohli in different times.

Shahid Afridi, who was involved in the bitter relationship with Gambhir, has now recovered more. In a recently released autobiography, he said that Gambhir & # 39; personalityless & # 39; used to be. This Indian all-rounder has not even thought of insulting & # 39; of the Indian opener, even the & # 39; shame of cricket & # 39 ;.

In his autobiography, Afridi wrote: "Some hostility is personal, some professional. In Gambhir, this is a matter of personal level. Gambhir is very arrogant. The problem of his mentality forever. He has no personality. shame can be called in cricket. His record is nothing but everything is vanity. & # 39;

By attacking Gambhir in autobiography, Afridi also wrote: "Gambhir behaves in such a way that he is a combination of Don Bradman and James Bond. In Karachi we call these people & # 39; series & # 39 ;. I love the sunny and positive people If they are aggressive and competitive, there is no problem, but Gambhir is not positive either, they are all negative.

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