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He gave all the details of the incident like a movie

Apart from the two players, the entire team went to the mosque to perform Friday prayers. A terrible incident happened five minutes ago when it arrived. At least nine people died in a mosque in a terrorist attack. A few years ago a Bengali cricket player could have been included in the list of deceased. Tamim-Mushfiqikara survived the big bucks

The manager of the Bangladesh Khaled Masud Pilot told the details of the incident: "We do not expect such an incident. We were on the bus a lot. Many say they are seventeen to seventeen people. Among these there was a Soumya government. We went all praying. Two players were in the hotel. The rest was everything. We were very close. We were watching from the mosque bus. And it was very far away 50 yards. I am very happy to say. if I were to leave three or four minutes earlier, I would have lived in the mosque and there would have been a big event. & # 39;

& # 39; We were lucky that we were not inside. I have seen from the outside. We looked like a video. As you can see in the film, I saw on the bus that people come from bloody circumstances. Several people have been able to come. About eight to ten minutes I went to the bus. If for some reason the bullets keep fluttering. If they go outside and look at so many people on the bus, they think that all players have decided that we will go through the back gate in the middle. Then we left the park behind. "- added pilot.

After wearing military uniforms, someone even fired al-Nur mosque believers with an automatic rifle. The whole team is terrified of this incident. The manager said the situation of the team, & you have seen from the front that a terrorist attack has seen the living, people end up in a bloody situation. All people are about to be broken. Nobody knew when it would not come naturally. I think many of the players have been crying, what many can do, what they have to do, how to get out, these discussions are going on. I find it very difficult. (These incidents) seem to hurt everyone spiritually. At the moment all our players are in the hotel. As a manager, I tried to bring everyone to the hotel. Here I came to the meeting and there were several staff members in the hotel who were there. & # 39;

In the meantime, the Cristochurch test has been canceled by the terrorists. Cricketers will return to the country very soon. When the pilot said: & # 39; still not sure. However, agreements will be made as soon as possible. There is a ticket here. With so many tickets you can go to Dhaka from here. There are also other support coaches, some of whom go to Windies, perhaps someone in South Africa. Maybe they will get a ticket for them soon. But efforts are being made to speed up the nineteen people. Anyway. Just like before, seven such flights, nine in the afternoon. I want anyway. & # 39;

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