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Hopefully the questionnaire will be awakened before the end of the tournament!

Hopefully the questionnaire will be awakened before the end of the tournament!

Girls from Bangladesh were gone in a few moments to create history. The rest of the competition to win the first international tournament title on the home field is a match. The club's most popular football team, which appeared before the competition, ignored hostile weather. The goal is to be a testimony of history with women. But BFF donated water for all packages. The Bangamata U-19 International Gold Cup final will be halted half an hour before the scheduled start of the competition. After a while it is true that The questionnaire ended with a successful and beautiful arrangement. But only as a result of humanity did Bafuf's dubious decision fall as a result of humanity.

Bangamata Gold Cup finals and humanity in one dimension to match with BFFF But Grishna has been able to play the field, but why cancel the decision to cancel half an hour before the final? The situation will be such that two days ago it was announced that the weather office was being called. If you want to take those periods, can't the schedule be changed? Responding to a question, BFF Abdus Salam Murshedi's Senior Vice President said: "International tournaments cannot be played out of the local tournament and cannot be held for another day. All teams have a schedule. Therefore, the competition cannot be canceled. if you want to. "

Although the index is changed, the index is changed twice before. The start date for the tournament was scheduled on May 3. But BFF has said it will require change on May 4. However, after the decision was taken from the decision and again on May 3, the final day was set. Now the question is that the date change is such that the rules of FIFA and AFC were not disturbed?

BFF has said that the referee-match commissioner has decided to cancel the match according to the rules of the AFC. But history has said before that there was a lot of rain at the Bangabandhu National Stadium, an international competition. Last year, under the AFC Cup match between Abahani Limited and Mohunbagan, the barrier was temporarily blocked. But the match ended well on the same day. The FIFA rules force the ball to fill the ground in the water. But the situation was not like that. If you want to manage the game Even after the decision to cancel the game, he opted for Abdus Salam Mushatheri, one of the top officials from the top BFF.

At the time, the use of humanity as a shield was the property of tournament sport company Fahad Karim, Chief Executive Fahad Karim. "There is no relation to the completion of the tournament with the conditions of the field. The end of the tournament is certainly not worth it. The 19 districts of the country are under the influence of a cyclonic storm. In such a situation it is not easy to play soccer in the capital.

So why not think before the viewers were canceled? That is why the country's football fans suffer from drought. However, the Under-19 Bangamata International Gold Cup competition and the performance of the girls brought many new viewers into the field. By observing bitter weather, unfavorable conditions and thunderstorms, about a quarter of the viewers were present in the stadium at Bangabandhu National Stadium. But the final was canceled, leaving the stadium with disappointments.

Sources say the two teams were interested in the final. The hope for a final final was round. But the final of the final is the indirect leg Although the impact of this cyclone was not found in Dhaka, the coastal residents were very worried. Many people took shelter and took refuge in the reception center. Mankind was ridiculed when Bangamata was the final in such a danger. So the decisions of BFF are being questioned, but humanity has won it here.

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