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If the Muslim falls, then genocide and terrorism!

If the Muslim attacks, then the genocide of terrorism and sattang !: Farooqi

Mustafa Sarwar Farooqi

The Christchurch of New Zealand has killed 49 people in the brutal assault of gunmen in two mosques. More than 48 people died. The attack of devotees on the worship of devotees during the Namaskar was destroyed in the history of memory. The storm of condemnation is everywhere. "Mostafa Sarwar Farooqi, the creator of Hamal's conviction, condemned the blasphemy. He condemned the brutal attack by noting the West Bengal gangway as terrorism.

Farooqi wrote on the social network Facebook on Facebook: "When a Christian killed # white assassins in a mosque, Western media called it & # 39; genocide & # 39; but when a Muslim attacks and kills people, it is declared & # 39; terrorism & # 39 ;.

Farooqi criticized western media and also wrote: & Dear Western media, when will you call these two things a terrorist attack? Have you ever wondered, can your bias play an important role in spreading hatred around the world? & # 39;

He then wrote with a special comment: & # 39; It is good to see that some Western media and political leaders call it a terrorist attack. Although it was hours later! It is best not to postpone it. Others should follow it. & # 39;

In fact, 49 people died in the gunfight of gunmen in the Christchurch Mosques in New York. At least 48 people were injured. Members of the National Cricket Team of Bangladesh started praying during the terrorist attack in the Al Nur mosque. They came back after receiving information from a pedestrian shortly before they entered the mosque. As a result, the cricket players survived for a while, in this case three people died in the incident.

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