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In the central committee of the BCL the discussion is based on the case of Labani

Afrin Labani is part of Miss World Bangladesh

Afrin Labani is part of Miss World Bangladesh

On Monday (May 13) the full list of the central executive committee of the Bangladesh Chhatra League was announced in the afternoon. In the central committee there is anger between the tension and social media, not found in the post.

Together with the BCL committee, at least eight people were injured in the collision between two groups of DUCSU.

But among the many surprises, the subcultural editor of the committee has been named Afriin Labani, mentioned in the Miss World Bangladesh.

Laboni participated in the newest Miss World Bangladesh Sundari competition. This student reached the final phase.

But in the last episode emir emir answered a question, criticized and kicked into the social media.

He has disposed of humorous netizana. Tigak video was made with that segment.

During that ceremony, the judge asked him: & # 39; If you are asked to do three wills, what will those wills be? & # 39;

On such a question, Labani said he wants to make CIS, Bangladesh, Cox's Bazar, Sundarbans and Hill-Mountains in Bangladesh. Malabian's answer is viral, in social media.

It is known that student activism is very active. Previously, Jagannath University was the organizing secretary of the BCL committee.

He is currently studying at the MBA at Jagannath University and is currently studying at MBA.

Meanwhile, as a member of the Central Committee, a very enthusiastic model Afrin Labani

He expressed this excitement in the media and said: "I have a lot of dream fulfillment. I feel blessed that I am responsible for this traditional organization. I am very happy to be on the Central Committee. The team paid for my hard work. & # 39;

Regarding the involvement of politics, Labani said: "After crossing the school I love working politics. And the BCL has always encouraged me.

Regarding his responsibility, he said: "BCL is an organization dedicated to all the good work of the country. I always want to be at the service of the country. & # 39;

After that world championship and showbiz he is no longer seen in showbiz. Labani said about this: "I can't get time to study and study politics. But together with politics I will try to get involved in media knowledge in the future.

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