Invited in the afternoon and killed a friend in the evening! | 975180 | Tomorrow’s voice

A young man named Sabidul Islam Sajjad (24) from Chandnaish was stabbed to death by a friend in Satkania in Chittagong. The incident took place at around 8:30 PM on Thursday at Kaliaish Union’s BOC node in the upazila.

Police and eyewitnesses said that Sabidul Islam Sajjad, son of the late Kafil Uddin of Botghata in Dohazari Municipality in Chandnaish, came to the home of Rabiul Islam along with some friends, the son of the late Islam Mia driver of the Kaliyaish union in Satkania on Thursday afternoon. At noon they all eat in the house of Rabiul Islam. Around 8:30 PM, Sajjad was standing in the corner of BOC talking with some of his friends. At that moment his friend Rabiul came there and stabbed Sajjad in the chest. The friends of Sajjad who were with him then arrested Rabiul and at one point of the beating Rabiul managed to escape. Later, those in attendance rescued Sajjad in critical condition and taken to Dohazari Green Hospital. Sajjad died on the way to Chamek Hospital after the first treatment.

Dohazari Green Hospital Resident Medical Officer. Chhotan Dhar said that when Sajjad, who was stabbed, was taken to our hospital, he was in a critical condition. He was stabbed in the chest. The stabbing went deep in the chest. It looks like a bag enclosed with a drawstring. We sent him to Chamek Hospital after immediate first aid. I heard he died before reaching Chittagong.

The responsible police officer from Satkania (OC) said. Anwar Hossain said, I have heard there have been deaths. Sabidul Islam Sajjad and Rabiul Islam were friends. Sajjad and his friends had lunch at Rabiul yesterday afternoon. But it was not immediately clear what they were up to. Police are trying to arrest Rabiul Islam.

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