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IPhone & # 39; s battery power!

A UK consumer consultant claimed that the iPhone will be fully charged as soon as it is renewed. The information was provided by a UK-based advocacy group & # 39; Whitch & # 39 ;.

This study conducted a test with 9 different iPhone models that. It is clear that the battery life of phones is 18 to 51 percent lower than that of Apple. According to the study's study, the battery life of the iPhone XR appears to be the lowest since Apple & # 39; s demand. Speaking of just 16 hours and 32 minutes, the battery has run out. Although the Apple website claims that the battery life of the iPhone XR is 25 hours.

In response to the report, Apple said: "We are constantly checking our products and verifying the reasons behind our claim about battery life. With strong coordination between hardware and software, Apple is trying to maximize the battery life of the iPhone However, we cannot compare the results of the whist with our test method, as they have not published a detailed report on their test method.

Whitch is an independent British consumer advice group that researches and evaluates products from different companies. Last month, the company published a research report on Amazon & # 39; s Fake Review. Source: Business Insider

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