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Large discount for defaulting debts

Bangladesh Bank has introduced a number of benefits for those who do not repay bank loans. By paying 2 percent of the outstanding loan, they can provide regular loans. Interest will be 9 percent. And you can repay the balance in 10 years with a repayment term of one year. You can also take new loans from the bank again.

And those who want to pay back a loan in a year, there is a big discount for that. If they want, they can repay the remaining amount with the same interest on the costs of the fund. The financing costs of banks are currently around 7-7 percent.

On Thursday evening, the Bangladesh Bank has & # 39; special lending policy for repatriation and one-off repayment & # 39; issued. A draft policy was previously forwarded to the Bank of Bangladesh of the Ministry of Finance. However, the Bangladesh Bank has a number of benefits, although all benefits are governmental.

The central bank said that the payment and recovery activities for loans were hampered by debt defaulters. These decisions were taken to maintain the normal flow of credit in the productive sector and to provide standard credits. The report said that if the debts are bad or harmful, that is to say that they are no longer available, this provision is then offered.

On Thursday, the central bank announced a new notification, the traders who paid all installments on time have failed to pay the installment, they are & # 39; good customers & # 39 ;. 10 percent of the interest they have collected in a year is repaid.

Khandaker Ibrahim Khaled, former vice-governor of the Bank of Bangladesh, said in the first light: "The new facility is a saddest thing for the entire banking sector. The ability to go under the standard car loan. I've never had such facilities heard in my 60-year career. & # 39;

Many bank officials said that because of the new benefits, the banking sector crisis will not be cut. Liquidity crisis is currently underway at banks. The condition of some banks is so bad that it is difficult to repay the down payment. Borrowers will receive an exemplary punishment for trusting the customer.

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