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Locks in the administrative area of ​​Rokeya Hall

The Provost did not resign in 24 hours because the protesters hung up the lock in the boardroom of Rokeya Hall. During the announcement of the suspension of the 24-hour hunger strike on Thursday evening, it was said during this period that if they did not leave Provost, they would go back to the movement. On Friday evening, Shabana Shipik Dipti said to the protesters: "They closed the rooms & night because of the end of the ultimatum at 11 p.m."

The resignation of the Rokeya Hall prosecutor of the University of Dhaka and the resumption of the parliamentary elections suspended the hunger strike with the 24-hour ultimatum, five students of the hall. Among them, four girls took part in the elections. One of the participants in the hunger strike was not at the elections. On the second day of the hunger strike on Thursday evening at 9:15 pm, they suspended the hunger strike.

University Proctor Golam Rabbani, Rokeya Hall Provost Zinnat Huda, the newly elected vice president of Dakshur Nurul Haque, GS Golam Rabbani, AGS Saddam Hussein and Hall Tutors came and encouraged them to break their hunger strike. Later the students announced the decision. The hunger strike and the protesters said that hunger strikes have been suspended for 24 hours due to two hunger strikes.

Five students from Rokeya Hall were on a hunger strike and demanded four demands on Wednesday evening. The hungry students are Rafia Sultana from Islamic Studies, Saida Afreen from the Women and Gender Studies department, Jainti Reza from the same department, Shrabana Dipti from Disaster Management Department and Promi Khishha from Management Information Systems Division. Rafiya Sultana Bangladesh General student law Reservation Council panel of the panel of Rokeya Hall, Vice President (VP), Sayeda Afrin Bangladesh Student Federation, General Secretary (AGS) of the parliament, Shabana Shafiq Dipti Independent Alliance of Dasursur central electoral district and independence war secretary and Muktiyuddha Affairs Secretary and Promi Khishah Hall Students in Parliament were candidates for membership of the Federation Federation. Jayanti Reza was not a candidate. Their demands include the resignation of Provost Zineat Huda, the re-election of parliament, the withdrawal of false cases and the safeguarding of the safety of demonstrators.

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Five students from Rokeya Hall were suspended for a hunger strike with a 24-hour ultimatum

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